Islam and Nuclear Weapons — There Is No Doubt They Will Be Using Them Against Us

The question no one wants to answer! 

If Iran or any of its Islamic sisters obtain a nuclear weapon, or something equivalent to a doomsday device would they use it against America; against any European or Western nation, or against another Muslim nation? That is the question, a simple yes or no is needed.

It's the single most urgent strategic issue facing the planet today. The world's safety hangs in the balance of this scenario and this is the scariest part, what if Jihadist organizations use nuclear weapons themselves to achieve their goals.

Jihadists have always been the initiating parties. When Iran completes its nuclear power ambitions, the Islamists will be another nuclear power, but does this mean they would use it?

In an interview with Time magazine back in 1998 with Osama bin Laden he said, "Acquiring nuclear weapons for the defence of Muslims is a religious duty and I thank Allah for enabling me to do so."

He went on to say that he would use whatever arms and resources were at his disposal to defeat the infidels, in other words, yes, he would use nuclear weapons.

In an interview with Abu Ghaith in 2001, he stated Islam has the right to kill 4 million Americans, 2 million of them children." I dare not ask how?

Saddam Hussein remember him, he declared his missiles could "Burn half of Israel," if he had a nuclear bomb, don't you think he would have used it? Lucky for us he didn't have one like we thought. Iranian Khumeinist leaders threatened their missiles could hit anywhere in the world. Was he over exaggerating? 

That was along time ago, which leaves us to believe that if a weapon of mass destruction ever got into the hands of Islamic extremists today, and for them to ever to achieve their goals, wouldn't you think they'd trigger it? 

There is no doubt that they would. A balance of terror would not work as it has between Russia, China, Korea and the United States, which have kept us all safe since the cold war began in 1947, mainly because no one wants to die. 

With Islamists, one of their main teachings of the Qurán is sacrificing for the other-life, the after-life, Heaven (Jannah), their conception of paradise, 12 virgins, you've heard the story. Jihadists do not fear death, they embrace it.

So, the answer is a definite, "Yes" to the question, "Would Iran or any Islamic Nation use nuclear power as a weapon to achieve their goals?" History has proven there are no limits to what they will do. 

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