Iran — Does It Have The Bomb, Or Not?

We Canadians have to face facts, Islamophobia is flourishing, like it did and still is, in America after 911

The Iranians hate us. Well, not all Iranians, but 80% of them hate westerners, 15% just despise us, and 5% are too busy making bombs to comment.

We've got to do more surveillance and find out, we have to know; 

'Is Iran a possible threat to the free world, or isn't it?'

What we know is; that all the evidence of them having weapons of mass destruction points to 'yes' or 'no'— and might depend on if it's raining outside, or which side of the bed you got up or —if Iran has a nuclear weapon in the first place, let alone the capability to destruct the world. 

They say they do! Iran boasts the world will come to an end, when and if ever, they push one little red button. Blurry looking grain silos do look an awful lot like missile silos from a drone, a mile high up in the air. 

Tons upon tons of stockpiled weapon-grade uranium is guessed to be stored somewhere, probably leaking in someone's basement bomb making lab. Other people guess there's none. Who are you going to believe?

Iran says their nuclear endeavours are for nuclear energy, they want to be able to read the Qurán at night. It all started in 1979 when the Ayatollah Khomeini took control of the country and killed all his adversaries then declared Iran to be Enemy #1 to the rest of the world. 

Since then, Iran has gotten worse.

Imagine, a place where fire was invented, where there are 10,000 commandments set down by Allah himself, a place that at one time was our friend and many more times our enemy, a place where intellectuals are leaving the country in droves after seeing the 'writing on the wall,' splattered with the brains of other intellectuals, a place where Salman Rushdie wouldn't dare to set foot and where other Jews, Christians, Infidels and homosexuals are beheaded, a place where the holocaust is a myth and where your telephone area code probably is #666.  A place run by Sharia Law.

It's harder to imagine, a country like Iran having the power to be a threat to the world, in the first place. Where did it get all the stuff needed without us knowing about it? I'm sure we are keeping tabs on the geniuses' we are exporting. 

So, does Iran have the bomb or not? We have to know.

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Lone Wolf said...

The obvious solution is that either Iran allows nuclear inspections or the US and Allies start bombing every suspected site of a possible nuclear production plant including all the leaderships private homes, Leveling the capital Tehran and then kill everything that moves until a surviving pet or farm animal makes a sound like, "Now you can send in your inspectors."