If I Won A Really Big One, I'd Go Crazy Making The World Smile Wherever I Roamed.

I rode the Skytrain downtown today. As I was sitting there, I looked around. There were no smiling faces. Everyone was in their own little world, most on their cell phones, heads down. The others staring at the floor or looking out the windows avoiding eye contact at all costs. This is when I thought, what would I do if I won a lottery, a big one say $30, 40 or 50 Million dollars?

I looked around the train again, a young native Indian woman with her child in a stroller, two older women going or coming from work ,in  blue uniforms not saying a word to one another looking straight ahead, two really old Muslim men with long white beards whispering into one another's ear. One young tattoo'd student, I think she was a student, gothy looking, talking on a pink cell phone. Three young Asian boys stood near the door along with one Skytrain Attendant who was joined by another attendant definitely on his way home. A drunk, almost laying down asleep taking up two seats, with an empty beer can in one hand and an unlit smoke in his mouth, his head against the window, an annoyed rider sitting beside him grumbling something to someone invisible, the usual, you know? 

I thought, what if I had all that money, wouldn't it be nice if I went to the bank and withdrew say, about 100, $100 dollar bills then, hop onto the Skytrain, scan the riders to make sure there were no cops, I wouldn't want to get harassed and arrested, then start to hand out $100 bills to everyone in the car after the door closes, then get off at the next station and disappear. Couldn't you imagine the surprise on everyone's face. Of course, people would take pictures with their cell phones. Maybe, I'd even wear some kind of costume or mask. Something memorable.

I can imagine doing it a few times. Word would get out and Skytrain ridership will skyrocket to the pleasure of Translink CEOs. Everyone would want to meet the mystery man, me. I would become an urban legend as, "The mystery man who gives out $100 dollar bills on the Skytrain."

That's the kind of stuff I'd do if I won a really big one. I'd go crazy, making the world smile wherever I roamed. What else would I do with that kind of money, but give it away?

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