Have You Seen A UFO? —10% Of The Population Has — Hopefully We've All Seen The Same One.

We Canadians have being seeing UFOs, spaceships and flying saucers ever since North America was discovered. One of the first documented cases of a UFO sighting came from a Jesuit minister who saw one in New France when living among the Algonquin people in 1663. 

He described the thing that streaked across the night sky as a fiery serpent, a fire ball with a long tail, in the shape of a knife with two snakes entwined around it, similar to a Caduceus flying with five or six orbs. In fact, in the early months of that year, there was a major earthquake and solar eclipses, all three events recorded by the same Jesuits in great detail. 

Today, we would call the UFO witnessed by the Jesuits as a meteor breaking up as it entered the earth's atmosphere. At least I would.

That was yesteryear. But today, when people are asked, 

"Have you seen a UFO?" 

10% of all Canadians and Americans have seen one. Considering Canada has a population of 35 million people, that's a lot of people, 3.5 million. Take 10% of America's population of 318 million people, that's 31.8 million people. Consider the entire world of 7.2 billion people. That's 720,000,000 people that have seen a UFO. Of all these 720,000,000 UFO sightings, most are explainable. Say 10% are left unexplainable. No, say 1% that would leave 7.2 million, as real Unidentified Flying Objects. 
Ref: The Canadian UFO Report

Here is the question; Have we all been seeing the same UFO, or has there been 7.2 million different UFOs visiting Earth during a life time? How many lifetimes have there been since the beginning of time? Then the number of UFO sightings grows astronomically, right out of this world. Excuse the pun.

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