Florida — The Last Holocaust — Wolfie's Restaurant

Once you cross the Mason-Dixon line you step back in time. Hit the State of Florida, and you've reached the point of no return. 

Imagine every year, thousands upon thousands of Jews, being separated from loved ones back in New York and New Jersey and transported hundreds of miles south to the extermination communities in Florida, like Boca Raton or the horrific West Palm Beach, or to the scorching, oven like temperatures, of Clearwater and Tampa.  

Victims of this holocaust, were often turned in by their own children and were confined to small, identical living units, called Condos, never to see their original homes in the north, again. 

Those that were still able to walk were forced to do, Tai Chi and other gruelling meditation exercises against their will, and on Doctors orders were forced to ingest a variety of blood thinners and cholesterol pills and endure costly and cruel, not to mention unnecessary operations and medical procedures. The worst form of torture, they were forced to undergo degrading colonoscopies, by the hundreds daily. It's hard to tell what damage was being done to their psyche let alone their bodies. They were stripped of all human dignity and made to square dance, until completely broken or to the point of total exhaustion. Some were depraved of any outside influence, no phone calls for weeks on end, and when they did get a call, it was usually some relative who wanted to borrow money. Some were left in solitary confinement for years eventually to die alone, sons and daughters never seeing them alive, again. I shouldn't be so hard on their off-spring, a lot did send flowers, after reading the news of their parents deaths, in the obituary section of the daily paper.

Some Jews, died within weeks upon arrival in Miami, due to the extreme heat and all the over-eating done at the all day buffet, Wolfie's Restaurant on Miami Beach, an all night diner. (All that's left of Wolfie's today has long disappeared. During it's hey-day it fed millions and many millions died of clogged arteries and obesity)

It is said, the worst fate of all is surviving Florida. To some, the memories of their internment are too horrific to recall. The few survivors left cannot talk about it, the ones that do, are called liars by the Holocaust deniers.

Today, the ones that remain, still sit around and talk about the good ole days, back up north, before they were sent away by their offspring.

Florida, the last holocaust. I was there in the 70's. Sat on a stool in the infamous Wolfie's Restaurant, before she was closed down, and had the best corn beef sandwich I ever tasted. 

Let's hope history doesn't keep repeating itself. After all, they call Vancouver, the Miami of Canada. 

Luckily, we don't have a Wolfie's, and not that large a Jewish population, but we do have a large Chinese population and a Foody Goody

Could it happen here?

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Eric B said...

It could happen in Vancouver, the Left Coast of The Great White Norh. Why not? Many Florida steam bather Holocausters were Canadians. It seems the farther north they're from, the farther south they migrate. Many Americans, including Floridians, however, are going halfway, to the Carolinas, Tennessee, Kentucky, or the Mid-South, Missouri, etc., to retire.