Environmental Hazards — Is Mother Earth Giving Up? Has She Had Enough?

Take these environmental hazards; earthquakes in California that levelled San Fransisco a few times, the oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska threatening the extinction all kinds of wild life, a tornado mowing down a trailer park near Edmonton. Obviously, serious environmental hazards, who wouldn't agree?

Then there's the environmental hazards that don't seem like hazards at all, like; heating hot water for your cup of coffee everyday, day after day. Driving to the corner store for a pack of smokes. Litter. Not too many people would think these to be environmental hazards but if you look at it objectively you'll come to the conclusion, yes, they are environmental hazards.

Imagine, two or three billion stoves being turned on simultaneously to heat up kettles every afternoon at tea time,  even if the stove were electric, the power needed to generate that much electricity, the dams that have clogged rivers, the nuclear energy waste, the fish that can't swim back upstream, the disruption of habitat and the uprooting and relocation of thousands of people living near these dams, the poor dolphins and seals being strangled by plastic bags, the list goes on...  toothpaste is on that list somewhere. 

Here are the types of environmental hazards.

Natural Hazards

Natural Hazards include earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcano eruptions, asteroids hitting the Earth, etc. They often instigate other natural disasters like; a tsunamis, or diseases. Extreme heat, brings on drought. Too much rain, floods.

Biological Hazards, 

Biological Hazards include; killer bugs, bacteria and evasive plants, frogs, and fish.

Technological Hazards, 

Technological Hazards are either done on purpose or not, could be an accident or not, the nuclear meltdowns and explosions contaminating millions of people with radioactive particles. Time will tell what happens in places like these; 3-Mile Island and Chernobyl right down to the genetic level. It might not be a pretty picture.

Of the three environmental hazards mentioned above, Technological appears at the present moment to be the most threatening as a global catastrophe. Pollution, deforestation, global warming, war and famine are the most pressing issues of our time. No corner of the world is immune.

Mother Earth has had it! She's been saturated by human activity and cannot keep up with the pace and is failing. At one time in human history she was able to cleanse herself, but now she can't take anymore. It will either be her or us that have to go.

Mother Earth has been around a lot longer than you or I and probably will be around a lot longer after we're gone. Food for thought, just saying.

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