Demonic Possession — It Doesn't Matter Which Religion You Believe In — We All Use The Same Demons

People possessed by a demon experience evil in many different forms. Many hear voices. 

"Open that window and jump! Now! You're a piece of shit! You're no good. You're mine! Do it, open that window and jump! Do it now!"

That was an example of a common message, sent from a demon to his victim. Others have the same message sent to them through visions, which seem real, a terror beyond belief, impelling them to do things they would not normally do, such as suicide, murder, rape, whatever.

Signs that an evil spirit is present in a person shows up on their face, their facial expression changes, the same with the tone of the person's voice. A woman's may sound like a man's. You may think you are actually not looking at the same person. 

It's written in the New Testament, 
"The evil spirit shook the man violently and came out of him with a shriek." Mark 1:26

Physical symptoms manifest in other parts of the body besides the face, such as the possessed person becomes rigid and stiff unable to bend his joints, or vice-versa, over bend his joints especially in the fingers. They sometimes arch their backs, some roll around on the floor, others imitate animals like snakes and leopards.

When speaking the possessed person always talks in the plural. It's always we or us, never I. They could speak in Latin, in Tongues or any language unknown to the person possessed. Their eyes roll upwards, with only the whites showing, a way for the demon to avoid looking into your eyes, to keep the victim from making contact with you.

It's uncanny with so many different religions and the variety of people possessed, how facial expressions, body contortions and vocal statements are all similar and consistent with every demonic possession as compared to one another, even though most of the people have never read in detail about such activity, or experienced it with anyone else. Someone in Canada could have the same symptoms as someone in Australia or India. A Muslim, a Christian, a Jew all do the same facial expressions, the same voices and the same contortions, an indication that we are truly dealing with demonic forces.

Other signs that all religions share the same demons are; the unpleasant smell, and it's always the same foul smell, described as rot and when an evil demon manifests itself, in all religions, the room turns cold. Why do all demons from different religions seem to do that?

Once you learn these signs of demonic presence, you'll be able to say to yourself with certainty, "Yep, we are faced with an evil spirit here." Then you can act accordingly and run!

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