Beings You Might Encounter In The Fifth Dimension

There are five dimensions

The first three are Length, Width and Depth. We can see these dimensions. 

The fourth dimension is Time. We cannot see the dimension of time.

The fifth dimension can be viewed with our third eye, or 6th Chakra. To do this you must leave your body and enter hyperspace. Quantum mechanics demonstrates there is a parallel universe, with many different planes such as; the astral plane, casual plane, mental, etheric and soul planes within this dimension.

So, when you are lucid dreaming you enter this fifth dimension and are maintaining a conscious awareness that you are actually dreaming during a dream. Lucid dreams are not easy to control, a lot more difficult than ordinary dreaming but with a little experience are controllable. 

Lucid dreaming is induced in many ways, being scared into one is the most common. (An example would be; where you are dreaming of a monster chasing you, suddenly you are able to fly to safety.) You could also recognize and become critical of things and events, and start to criticize some of the incongruities you notice, something that is amiss, an unusual occurrence or the dreamy like atmosphere in general which makes you realize that yes, you are in a dream! 

Most lucid dreams are realistic except for flying and things being a little distorted. They happen usually between the hours of 5a.m. and 8a.m. only for the simple reason most people are asleep and in the process of wakening at that time of day, that in-between state of consciousness and subconsciousness.  

Basically, all lucid dreams are out-of-body experiences and anything is possible. All you have to do is just think it then it materializes.  

Beings You Might Encounter In Your Lucid Dream

The most common beings you will meet in this fifth dimension or lucid dream whatever you want to call it are our departed souls. These are people that have died and are crossing the fifth dimension, to get to the soul plane and onto their future life, some people call this place purgatory

You might meet someone who is experiencing a near-death experience. They linger in this dimension until it is time to return to their body.

Some people meet their Spirit Guides. Beings that were once human, there to assist you, all you need do is ask for help and they will appear, sometimes they'll meet you anyway with or without asking. They are not to be confused with Angels, the perfect beings, the messengers for Gods-energy. Some become tuned into their Karmic Cycle, and meet their perfect component of their own soul, their higher selfs. 

There are other beings. 

You could meet an alien, an extraterrestrial such as the Pleiadians, the gatekeepers of the portals to other dimensions. 

Time travel, it is said, will be discovered as we turn into the next century. You might meet these people, on their vacation from the future, so to speak, enjoying the great outdoors (the last frontier, the 5th dimension). 

Through lucid dreaming anything is possible, you can travel through hyperspace and explore parallel universes. You can time travel going to your past and your future, even communicate with the beings on those planes.

Oh! I forgot to mention you could also meet beings from a lower astral plane.  Mean, evil people. Beasts or demons, creatures that prey upon us, who use trickery to fool us and psychically want to attack us, using telepathy and clairvoyance or some other psychic power as a tool to take control of us.

Luckily, in the end, upon awaking in a sweat, you realize it's only a dream. A lucid dream. You're back in the 4th Dimension. 

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