Wicca—Often Called the 'Craft of the Wise'

There is an old Wicca saying that goes something like this; 

'Death and the devil have no power over love and laughter.'

It's kind of strange in that to a witch, death is an intergral part of life and there is no such concept as the devil, since the devil is a Christian concept, not a Wicca one. I believe as, Dr. Serena Roney Dougal believes in her book, Where Science and Magic Meet and that is the saying should be changed to; 

'Laughter and love can override all the bad that can possibly happen to us'.

This to me is one of the principle codes of witchcraft and cannot be overlooked. To witches, happiness and the joy of being alive is essential to our well-being as is evidenced by the witch saying; 

'Be happy and ye shall be wise.'

Can you look into your heart and know profound happiness? Not too many people can.

What a wonderful religion Wicca is, that first looks into true joy and happiness as a spiritual growth, as do the Buddhists with their aim for emptiness or the Yogis with nirvana.

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