The Power of Conviction — Losing One's Head Over It

I don't want to alarm anyone but aren't there a lot of people losing their heads over the power of their convictions, lately? A bit too many?

Talk about being under pressure. Here's a young girl, Sophie Scholl, who together with her brother Hans and their friend Christl Probst, are executed by the National Socialists (Nazi's) in Munich on February 1943, losing their heads to the guillotine. Why? For distributing leaflets protesting the Nazi Regime at the University of Munich.  

She had all the opportunities to escape her fate. All she had to say it wasn't her idea, but no, she stood behind her convictions for what she thought was right. We all can see now that she was right. 

At her court trial, she called out, 

"Someone has to make a start, what we said and wrote is what many people are thinking, they just don't dare to say it out loud!"

Many of her captors (a rent-a-crowd audience) sided with her. Prison guards admired her strong bravery and convictions, unfortunately it wasn't enough to save them.

The three were led out of their prison cells at 4:30 in the afternoon after the trial and by five o'clock, all three were dead, beheaded by guillotine.

Her story is somewhat eerily similar to the beheadings happening around the world today, with anyone speaking out against the Qurán. Why do you think there is so many beheadings lately? Coincidence? I don't think so. One just has to read the Qurán, to know Islam's ultimate plan, and that is to dominate. 

For the same reason Sophie Scholl lost her head, being brave and holding onto ones convictions. Being young was no excuse.

How committed are you to your convictions? Are you willing to lose your head over them?

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