The Pig, Why Did Allah Prohibit Muslims From Eating It?

Allah must have detested the taste of pork. Since the very beginning, in its name alone, Allah pointed out the swine as being an unclean animal, unfit for human consumption.
He has indicated through the Qurán that Muslims should refrain from eating it. The Arabic origins of the word swine is Khinzeer, a compound word of Khanz and Ara, which means: I see it very foul.

Forbidden to you is the flesh of a dead animal, and blood, and the flesh of swine; and that on which the name of someone other than Allah is invoked and the flesh of an animal that has been strangled or is beaten to death or is killed by a fall, or is gored to death, and of which a wild animal has eaten and that which has been slaughtered at an altar, for they are all carrion (5:4). If they ask thee what is lawful for them, tell them: All good things are lawful for you (5.5). Refrain from that which is carrion or resembles carrion or is unclean.

With Islam, everyone thinks that the pig eats nothing but garbage and is utterly shameless, one of the filthiest animals on earth, hence a reason for the prohibition of its flesh. By the laws of nature in Islam, the flesh of a pig has a foul effect on the human body and on the soul of the one who eats it.

It is believed by most Muslims that if an animal is strangled or beaten to death its soul remains inside the body of the dead animal. The blood of such a dead animal would be corrupted, which in turn corrupts the whole flesh. Germs in such blood spread poisonous corruption in the flesh and it can't be eaten.

Even in pre-Islamic times, Greek physicians proclaimed that the meat of such animals damaged the faculty of modesty and fosters shamelessness, the same with carrion, it also affects moral qualities in a negative way and is also harmful to a person's health in no less than 70 different types of diseases. Muslims believe pigs are loaded with parasites (as if other animals aren't) inside them, like round worm, pin worm, hookworm and tapeworms (Taenia Solium) the most dangerous. Muslims find pork flesh hard to digest, eating it leads to pimples, boils and cysts.

Pork the leaner white meat, as clean as any other meat. Muslims don't know what their missing, eh? 


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