The Menehune — They Do Their Business At Night — While Vacationing In Hawaii

I've always wanted to go to Hawaii. This might give me an incentive to go. To find myself, a 'Menehune' and bring it back home to put to work around the house.

In Hawaiian mythology, legend has it, a long time before settlers ever settled on the Hawaiian Islands another race of small people, called the Menehune were believed to have once lived there and some say, still live there. They are described looking like fairies or 'brownies, with bushy heads of black hair, that don't cook and live off the land eating wild fruits and plants in haunted places around the islands. 

Avoiding people in daylight, they go about their business at night utilizing their engineering skills building walls, making fish ponds, erecting temples, digging irrigation ditches and tons of other things, preferring to finish them in one night, no matter how large the project. If it can't be completed by morn, they abandon it and it never gets completed.

When the Menehunes' see something being built and they like it, they will help at night to finish the project.  If they don't like it, they'll disrupt work with machinery breakdowns and other odd and mysterious phenomenon, delaying progress or stopping it altogether.

They also like helping around the house. Doing the chores, pulling out the vacuum every now and then and doing a once over the rugs, or finishing that pile of dishes left over in the sink.  

Looking at the mess around here, all I can say is, I'll have to go to Hawaii for a vacation and get myself a menehune, I need one.

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