Shadow People Don't Like Happy People — Neither Does The Old Hag

There are similarities between the "Old Hag" syndrome, a nightmare terror and shadow people, such as the sensation of being paralyzed, or being strangled and suffocating. One explanation, which some researchers favour is that shadow people and the Old Hag are inter-dimensional beings with an unknown purpose, finding ways to enter our physical world to observe humans. Besides being related to shadow people, she also is related to mara (a derivative of the word nightmare), a demon that attacks humans in their beds as they sleep and sexually assaults them, other poltergeists and vampire attacks.

It's not like the Old Hag is something new, she's being around for a hell of a long time. Even today, it is said, that 15% of the adult population of the world have experienced one or more attacks of the Old Hag, in their lifetime. The common scenario, the victim awakens suddenly feeling a heavy weight on their chests. To struggle is futile. It ends when the victim is about to lose consciousness.

The syndrome was a term for a witch during the middle ages. As to date, the Old Hag phenomenon has not been explained by science, but indigestion may be the culprit.

But shadow people, which I have witnessed myself from the corner of my eye are usually male, six and a half feet tall. Solid black figures that appear darker than dark, if that is possible. They too, have a mysterious fascination with observing humans. Often seen standing at the foot of beds or in the corner of rooms in the dark, but still their shape is discernible, blacker than black applies. 

These Bedroom Watchers have no visible facial features, and are really not threatening (some have been known to attack people by choking but only a few) even so, they are very terrifying. They can stay standing there for a long period of time, just staring and then suddenly disappearing through the walls.  

Some shadow people are just that, Moving Shadows, in human shapes on the wall that can detach themselves from the wall and walk around, paying no attention to the human in the bed or they stare intensely for hours at them, there is no rhyme or reason.

Other shadow people the Background Visitors, like to be photographed but not seen. They show up in pictures when they shouldn't be, either as a shadow or in human form.

Often, Haunting Presences are shadows which appear in haunted settings moving about with some sort of intelligence, following people.

Shadow people are sometimes associated with our emotions; anger, sadness, etc. or negative thought forms, which we might be having at the time, allowing a portal for them to appear.

The antidote: Be Happy! Laugh a lot, it counteracts and neutralizes any unpleasant feelings. Shadow people don't like happy people, neither does the Old Hag.

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