Rainbow Children — Descendants of the Original Hippies — Sent to Earth to Spread Peace Through the Power of the Heart

I'm not the only one who knows about this because I heard two ladies talking on the Skytrain about it today. They were talking about a new species of humans, or the next stage in the evolution of man. A urban legend I'm sure. First came the Indigo Children, then the Crystal and now the Rainbow Children. The great, great grandchildren of the original hippies.

Soon after the hippie era was winding down, people like me questioned, what was going to happen to the children of these hippies, remember them? The beautiful people. Those tuned-out, drug-induced, good for nothing, freeloading, tree hugging, high school dropouts, with their free-love and save the water, shower together policy. Now you know what I'm talking about, what became of those poor children of hippies?

At the time of the hippie heyday, around 1967, I was a weekend hippie. One that never fully committed or came to terms with his hippiness. I grew my hair long and smoked pot but I wasn't a hippie. I do like to tell everyone that I pretty near came close to being one. People call me a ole hippie even today, just by looking at me, but I'm not one. Never was. 

Anyway, back to the Rainbow Children of the hippies, say some forty-five years ago, no doubt a lot of them were born already drug dependent, growing up with no formal education, being taught at home, using natural medicines and herbs, living off welfare and the land so to speak (squatting). They eventually grew up being hippies themselves then married other hippies and had their own children. Drugs throughout. Their children had more children and so on until, we come to 1995, the supposedly year the Rainbow children emerged, a few generations after the original Crystal Children.

They are usually very shy, but have many friends. You can't help but gravitate to them also. Their eyes are larger than other children's. They love to stare, and you can't help but stare back at them, their personalities are so magnetic. 

Rainbow Children for some reason are late talkers starting to talk between the ages of 3 and 4 and may even sing before they talk being very musically inclined. They can communicate with one another telepathically and also use a self-invented sign language between them. Very much in tune with nature and animals and are highly sensitive and empathetic, caring more for others than oneself.

They are so calm, sweet and affectionate, so even tempered and loving you can't help but love them back. They'd almost forgive you for murder. They can mysteriously heal people. They love rocks and crystals, and often talk about ghosts, angels, and spirit guides. They're so creative and artistic you'd think they were Michangelo or Mozart in their past life, or so athletic and fearless you'd be left wondering how the hell can they possibly have done that balancing act! They're the type that might run off and join the circus.

They don't eat meat, preferring a veggie burger and juice, over a Big Mac and milkshake. They hate clutter and chaos, crowds and loud noises and sensitive to warm temperatures, artificial ingredients and chemicals.

The thing about a Rainbow Child is you can't rush them, they like to size you up when you first meet you, then and only then, if they like you they'll warm up to you, if not, they'll retreat. A Rainbow Child can tell a good person from a bad one just by staring and observing.

To me it sounds like the hippies were on to something, and we missed the door of opportunity. Aren't Rainbow Children the epitome of what a perfect human being should be like; to love your neighbour, to forgive and to leave the least footprint you can on this planet called Earth after we've departed.  

But no, Rainbow Children have been associated with Autism and Asperger's syndrome, diagnosed by the medical profession. Wouldn't you know it, something good happens to our children and we turn around and put a label on them, classifying them under diseases as undesirable, with the need to be cured.

Some people believe there is no such thing, it's just a spin off of the urban legend about Crystal Children. Others believe they are Star People, sent to earth to spread peace through the power of the Heart.

True or not, what a beautiful thing, Rainbow Children, descendants of the original hippies.

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For more info: thecrystalchildren.com

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