Paranormal Activity Caught On Video Cam Feb 10/15. In My House!

I usually write at night and like talking about strange things; the paranormal. 

If you have been following my blogs you'd know that, but you might also have noticed that once-in-awhile I've mentioned that every now and then, I would get a sense someone was watching me, a ghost or spirit an entity, that I felt like there was a presence other than myself in the room, as I was sitting facing the computer writing my blogs. This feeling or whatever it is, happens quite often. I've often thought that I even see movement from the corner of my eye, my peripheral vision, as I'm typing, but when I turn to look, nothing is ever there. 

Well, as I was writing my blog the other night, I had that sensation again. I felt like someone was standing behind me, breathing heavy on my neck. The feeling became so strong, I had to get up and turn around to look, and of course there was no one there.

So, today I thought for fun I would video record my desk, while I went out. I turned the volume up to catch any sounds. I've edited it of course, cutting out the first hour or so, where nothing happens and left in the few minutes when things did happen, then cut out the hour afterwards where nothing happens. This is what freaked me out!

I have now become a ghost hunter. Can you blame me? I'll keep you posted.

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Dog Brindle



Thanks for sharing it! Nice video-example!

Erik said...

Eh kind of gave me the chills seeing the chair move and the sheet. You should do some research into who lived in your place before you and what happened. I think peoples spirits sometimes cannot go into the next dimension and they are still partly in ours and don't know what to do.