Muhammad, What Does It Mean To Surrender To God?

Surrendering to God for a Muslim means, to follow Allah's lifestyle to promote harmony on Earth and among its people, and to follow a code of morality that can lead to an even higher understanding of God's nature. Blah, blah, blah...

The books; the Torah, the Bible, the scrolls of Abraham, the Psalms of David and a countless number of other religious texts show us how to achieve that goal. Islam supposedly accepts all of them as valid, but the Qurán points out that no previous revelation from God has survived without alteration.

The Qurán considered the last divine guidance for the world, which Muslims say is the only book that God won't allow anyone to alter is a culmination of all God's revelations and a source of reference, on how to live a Godly lifestyle.

The Qurán is basically, the do's and don'ts, the good and evil and the relationships between people. Every virtue a person can think of is discussed and every Western religion tradition has its counterpart in Islam.

Charity, honesty, thrift, compassion, self-control, and integrity are the goals of every Muslim, while dishonesty, bad behaviour, greed, jealousy, gossip and sexual promiscuity are considered sin. Muslims don't have the Ten Commandments to follow, nor have the capital vices as the Seven Deadly Sins. There are hundreds of virtues and vices for Muslims, here are a few of the major sins in Islam...

The virtues of every Muslim are... speaking the truth, being kind to ones family, honouring ones parents, giving to charity, feeding the poor, fighting injustice, freeing slaves??? and returning borrowed property. That reminds me, I'll have to remind my Muslim neighbour of the virtues of every Muslim, he's got my chain saw, which he hasn't returned for over a year now. I'm sure I'll get a laugh out of it. NOT!!

God forgives when...

A guilty person feels remorse. Or he says, "My Lord forgive me." Why? 

Because God just can't resist someone pleading, he'll eventually forgive you. If a person tries to make restitution, he will be forgiven. If he can't provide restitution, God still might forgive him. He'll be forgiven if he promises never to do it again and is sincere about it, but not to worry, sincere or not, if you repeat the sin and promise never to do it again, God will forgive you, again and again! There is no limit to the amount of times you can be forgiven.

In addition to sins where other people are harmed, the chopping off of hands, or the nose, or the ears is considered by the West as normal, Muslim punishment for repeated offenders of theft. That's what I think! 

We in the West believe, they flog people when they are caught fornicating and we also blindly believe they only use capital punishment for murder, treachery and the like. 

'Islamic Law' (Sharia) lumps and mixes personal morality and civil and criminal law into one overall code, basically there is no difference between the secular and spiritual realms. We should also note here that only criminal activity is prosecuted in front of a judge. The Qurán deals with all domestic disputes, there is only one way.

With the other sins, a Muslim has to pray for forgiveness and ask God personally, every day, without fail, sometimes two or three times a day, until the day that Muslim dies and he faces Judgement Day. If not, there will be hell to pay. 

I imagine, and it makes me laugh, seeing Allah sitting up on his throne listening to the billions of Muslims asking him for forgiveness, everyday. Him sitting there, saying,"Okay forgiven, okay forgiven, okay forgiven," all day. It must be exhausting.

There are many descriptions written in the Qurán about the Paradise (Jannah) offered after death. One big orgy! Virgins everywhere.  

Anyone who refrains from the pleasures of this life and obeys God's word in the Qurán will get to enjoy the indulgences in the next life. Sounds like Allah is a jealous God, wouldn't you agree? Dr. Zakir Naik, the Islamic preacher doesn't think so, watch video. He's so far out he's comical. Islamic's version of a Jerry Falwell.

My advice. Why wait? Live for the now, then just ask for forgiveness after the fact. It doesn't matter how many times you've sinned. 

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