Mount Shasta — No Other Mountain Is Shrouded By So Much Paranormal Activity

There's an ominous mountain in northern California, near the Oregon border that rises 14,162 above sea level revered by native Indians as a supernatural entity.

It's huge, attracting skiers, hikers, cave explorers, and many more outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds. New Agers alike, flock to the area for its stunning beauty and to experience the vibrations of the mount. The mountain is Mount Shasta, a volcano, the most massive mountain in America, with its many valleys, lakes, waterfalls, rivers, caves and seven glaciers. Mount Shasta last erupted in 1786 and is still classified as an active volcano today.

The native Indians revered Mount Shasta as a supernatural site long before the white man entered the scene. In Shasta Indian lore, the entire region is haunted by Axe'ki, ghosts that possess their victims, which only a shaman can exorcize. Where the mountain got it's name, no one knows. 

The Sasquatch call Mount Shasta home. The mount and the surrounding area is America's hot spot for UFO and ET activity, a beacon. Ghosts are seen as flickering lights, which bring bad luck to anyone who sees them, even the Interstate Highway 1-5 that runs along side the mountain has it's ghosts hitchhikers. There's even a whole ghost town, the ruins of Old Shasta Town, south of the mountain. Oh, and of course, a haunted graveyard, and a lone baby grave along Highway #99 complete with it's own baby ghost. 

Indian legend tells of mysterious races of beings that live on or in the mountain. Little people, Lizard people, the ancient people from the lost continent, Lemuira, with an organ for extrasensory perception on their foreheads, giants like the Sasquatch called Shupchets, who live in the lava fields and fairies that live in the mists of the many waterfalls.  

Mount Shasta has its own secret society, the white robed, Great White Brotherhood who live inside the mountain.

Pluto Cave

Then there is the creepy, Pluto Cave, a place to meet aliens and spirits, a door to hell or a corridor for UFOs to enter, it was formed from the basaltic lava flow some 190,000 years ago.

Shroud of Mount Shasta

There's something foreboding about Mount Shasta, with it's shroud of cloud. I've felt it myself many times driving south on I-5 as I passed, as if it was warning me to stay away, that I was not welcome there. I never stopped then, that was a few years ago, but when I drive down again, someday soon, maybe I'll stop next time and have a closer look myself, maybe spend the night, in some secluded cabin on the side of it's face. 

Mount Shasta, no other mountain is shrouded by so much paranormal activity.

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