Ley Lines — They Connect Earths Energy Fields and May Explain Poltergeist Activity

A random selection of Ley Lines shows that over 37.5% of UFO events have occurred on them or in their immediate vicinity. Not only are UFO events common near Ley Lines but many other paranormal events like; hauntings and ghost sightings are also in alignment with Ley Lines.

It is believed by some psychics that poltergeist activity might not come from spirits or the powers of psychokineses but from energy leaked from the centre of the Earth, it's core, to these Ley Lines graphed out on the surface of the planet, called Earth Magnetic Fields

Earth Fields are dangerous places, harmful to humans and some other animals, emitting high energies, which result in areas of "Geopathic Stress,"  where Ley Lines criss-cross. These hot spots are where poltergeist activity is the most severe.

Ley Lines can be detected by divining rods, a process called dowsing. Dowsers believe those huge megalithic stones that we've heard so much about, Stone Henge, the Pyramids, etc. were markers of these Earth Fields, connected by Ley Lines. 

Ley Lines have been studied extensively showing that the most extreme poltergeist activity that has happened around the world, happened in buildings situated exactly on these crossroads.

With a little more research someday, we may find out that poltergeist activity isn't caused by ghosts or spirits but by Earth's high levels of energy fields, all connected by Ley Lines.

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