JOTT — "Just One of Those Things" They Can't Be Explained.

In paranormal circles JOTT or "Just One Of Those Things" is an acronym to describe odd or strange occurrences that don't fit into any known paradigm or pattern, in other words the event or happening goes unexplained, it's just one of those things. Mary Rose Barrington, vice-president of the Society for Psychical Research coined the phrase. 

Jottles deal with the displacement of objects, which may or may not be associated with poltergeist activity and can be broken down into smaller classifications;  

1.  Walkabout Jott 

Some of us have experienced this Jott at sometime or other, where something disappears from where is should be and reappears somewhere else, often in some bizarre location like behind a rafter in the attic or down in the basement in a box, etc, somewhere you would think you would least likely to find it. 

2.   Comeback Jott 

This Jott is similar to Walkabouts. It could be lost for minutes, days or years until it is finally found. Sometimes the item is found much later after the person has died, when suddenly it reappears, where it should be. Car keys have a habit of doing Comebacks.

I've done this. I thought I lost my keys to my car. I searched my pockets over and over, then on the fourth or fifth time searching. I found them, in the original pocket I put them in.

3.   Flyaway Jott

This could be the beginnings of the Walkabout Jott, where something, an object disappears from a known location, and never reappears again. 

Where did it go? Somebody took it! are usual responses.

4.   Turnup Jott 

This could also be stage 2 of a Walkabout, where something, an object not lost is found where it should not be. How many times have you said, "How did that get there?"

5.   Windfall Jott 

The same as a Turnup except you've never known or seen the object before.  like finding a lucky dollar in an old jacket pocket would be a good example.

6.   Tradein Jott 

This is a Flyaway Jott that is followed by a Windfall Jott.  Here's an example, you go to pull out a dollar from your wallet, which you were sure you had, and can't find it, but surprisingly there is a ten dollar bill instead, in it's place. 

7. Odd Jott 

This type of Jott deals with all the other miscellaneous happenings of objects, appearing and disappearing that have no explanations.

"Just One of Those Things" (JOTT) are mysterious events. They have no relation with being careless or forgetful, they just cannot be rationally explained.

All you can do is shrug.

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Erik said...

Number 6 is always a bonus. This sometimes happens to me, it only happens when you are thinking about absolutely nothing. Detachment.