In The Ideal Islamic World — The Rocks, Water, Earth, Everything Is Muslim — Except Infidels, Pigs and Dogs

Allah, the Muslim name for God.

In Islam there is God and everything else. In other words, Allah and everything else, which can be broken into two further categories; those that surrender to God's will and those that resist God's will, you can either be with God, or without God. Being without God is the wrong way, if you were to consult Allah.

To surrender to God's (Allah's) will, means the believer is willing to give up his own beliefs and surrender his thoughts, his will and his teachings to a higher power and that is Allah.

To be with God in Islam means to believe that Allah, the Muslim name for, God; is The One and Only.  

The Quran implies the whole universe, everything, rocks, water, everything must be Muslim, since they are doing exactly what Allah had intended them to do, to be rocks or water. 

Then we come to Man, and some animals (pigs and dogs) as unclean? Not all are Muslims, meaning they are not all with Allah. 

Men are sometimes in question, whether they are with Allah or without Allah. 

Pigs and dogs, they are definitely without Allah, and will never be Muslim. Pigs are too intelligent and dogs, they are too loyal, two qualities that make us humans, human.  

Islam keeps people in line by using treachery and ignorance and has a hard time wrapping their fingers around these two concepts, that a man can be intelligent and think on his own, and can be trusted. Not even Santa Claus. 

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