He Has Personally Handled Over 30,000 Exorcisms Around The World

If you are ever in need of an exorcism, here's the man you might want to call; Father Gabriele Amorth. He's the official exorcist of Vatican City in the archdiocese of Rome, since 1992.  Believe it or not, he claims to have personally handled over 30,000 exorcisms around the world, in his life time and he's still going strong at 89 years of age. Let me put that in prospective, that would mean he's been doing 3 exorcisms a day for the last 30 years. That's a lot of possessed individuals and to think, I've never met one. Believe me it's not for lack of looking.

Anyway, he has this strange notion that playing video games like Dungeons and Dragons, dabbling in black magick and witchcraft, conjuring and conversing with the dead by means of talking boards and Ouija's, card reading, fortune-telling, reading nasty books like Harry Potter claiming J.K.Rowling some kind of she-devil and listening to rock and roll on the radio with satanic lyrics and hip gyrating beats were open door invitations for demonic possession. I thought we went through all this back in the 50's when Elvis hit the music scene, or are you too young to remember. I must be wrong.

He's been pushing Pope Francis to hire more exorcists, that there are just not enough trained priests who even believe they are capable of casting out demons, even though Jesus supposedly gave that ability to his apostles in his name.

He believes you become possessed either by a curse from another or by continuing a life of sin; by practicing all the above and testing one's faith. 

His method, attack early. Don't wait for any approval from the higher ups, dig right in and cast the demon out before it gets a grip on the soul of the living.  

Father Amorth's major concern is the church's refusal to admit to any demonic activity even existing and as such; fears Satan has infiltrated the church, and he's already in the Vatican's most inner circles. He's written four books on the subject. 

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