Could This Explain Why Muslim Women Are Treated So Poorly By Their Men?

Followers of Islam believe in one God, Allah, but they also acknowledge minor djinns (genies), or zar spirits. These spirits possess mostly women, causing sickness and disease, bringing on marital discord and an air of general rebellion. They will only leave if the victims are given gifts of clothes, food, liquor, or jewelry. Sometimes it's only the better treatment of their spouses that makes them leave.

Spirit possession is quite common among the lower classes of people in Islamic countries, the labourers and servants, and it's usually women that get possessed. Women attribute their personal problems like menstrual pains, barrenness, death of a child, miscarriages, abuse by husbands and fathers, the husband's infidelities to the mischievous evil spirits.

To combat the djinns, cow dung or pig excreta is burned and the smoke blown into the women's faces, or by pressing rock salt between the knuckles of the fingers, or by beating and pulling at her hair, or by bribing the djinn with copper coins and candy, along with reciting prayers and mantras.

In Islamic lore a ghoul feeds on the flesh of the living. The most feared appears as a flesh and blood woman. It comes from the Arabic term ghul (masculine) ghula (feminine) personifying the unknown terrors of the desert. She marries a man who then becomes her victim.

Do you see where I'm going with this? Muslim men blame women for all their misfortunes because they get possessed by a zar or a djinn. The men think they have to beat it out of the women. Then they shower the woman with gifts afterward it has gone, to console them.

I'm just saying, sounds like break-up to make-up, as we westerners do. It might explain why women get treated poorly in Arab countries by the men. They believe their women are all possessed! 

As good as an excuse as any, I guess.

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