Could Dying Be Similar to Having A Lucid Dream?

Before we start, please don't take my word for it! No one, not even I could really explain what death will be like but here goes, this is what I think...

...It's uncanny the similarities between what a psychologist would call a lucid dream and dying. A lucid dream can be remarkably vivid, as in astral projection. It is when you wake up in a dream, and realize that you basically can influence and change that dream at your will. Colours and shapes in a lucid dream are claimed to be the same as what people who experience an out-of-body or a near-death experience, they seem more real, some you haven't even seen before and maybe more colourful than in reality. 

Since you are awake when in a lucid dream, you are not in your physical body, you are in your dream body. This body can do almost anything you can imagine, such as the ability to fly or having exceptional strength or able to see through walls. You can imagine any setting you wish, or any situation and it will appear. This is a good source for obtaining creative ideas, lots of scientists would attest to that. Many a invention have been thought of first in lucid dreams. 

This other body that is you in your dream, walks and talks, senses; sees, hears and feels, it does everything you do when awake. I've even heard of this dream body, coming into a bedroom and seeing themselves sleeping in bed. While you are physically asleep, your other body, experiences, all the physical and mental experiences that happen in the dream, seeing dead relatives and beloved pets, which to me is proof that we have two bodies, the physical one and a spiritual body.

What would happen if you entered this lucid dream state while fully awake? Say in a sudden accident. 

I imagine the afterlife much like this, that when you die, you enter that dream body.

Like I said earlier, don't take my word for it. No one really knows what dying is like. All I know is that someday we all will experience what it is really like to die. So, let's not rush it!

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