Calling Ghosts — They're Up On Technology — Using Cell Phones To Make You To Turn Around

You are walking down the street and your cell phone rings. You pull the phone up to your ear and all of a sudden you hear someone call out your name from the other end. You don't recognize the person. 

What ever you do, don't answer the call by saying hello, the person on the other end could be a calling ghost.

Calling ghosts have progressed from just calling out your name in public, they're now using cell phones and other electronic devices.

Calling ghosts are spirits of the dead, known for calling out names of people then luring them to their deaths. They are deep rooted in superstition. The Sirens of Greek mythology, half bird half woman, are this type of calling ghost, water nymphs luring sailors with their singing to crash on their islands. 

Hawaii has a long tradition of folk-lore about calling ghosts. To them calling ghosts are disembodied female voices who call your name from behind hoping to catch you off guard so you will turn around, because if you do and acknowledge them you'll be more open and vulnerable to sickness and death.

So remember, if you hear your name being called out and you don't recognize the person. Walk away as fast as you can without acknowledging the person. Pretend you didn't hear, it could be a calling ghost.

Also, be careful when walking down the street and your cell phone rings. Calling ghosts have caught up with technology. If you answer and someone you don't recognize calls out your name, hang up, never say, hello. It could be a calling ghost, trying to lure you to your death.

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