An Execution — Brought To You Live Via The Internet For the Whole World to See.

What are we dealing with, here? The Internet is making it perfectly clear.

A man is executed by fire. No doubt one of the most horrible deaths imaginable. Causing someone's death using fire has long been used as a form of capital punishment for crimes like high treason, rebellious slaves, heresy, witchcraft and sexual deviancy, such as being homosexual.

In Muadh al-Kasasbeh's case, the Jordanian pilot executed by ISIS, he was not tied to a stake on top of a wood pile like we've been led to believe, that this is how they burn people when they are executed by fire. He was locked in a cage, doused with gasoline and set alight. 

*WARNING* If you haven't seen the video, it's very graphic.

Of course no one will actually know how it feels, but you could imagine the fear in the poor man's mind. Watching the executioner light the gasoline, watching as the flame ignites and comes crawling towards you. Suddenly it touches your bare feet.  You start dancing, your clothes ignite, your hair singes. Your ears, eyelids, nose, fingers and toes sizzles.

Hopefully by then, your brain goes berserk, short fusing left and right so you become senseless and you feel nothing after that. Like I said, hopefully. If not then shortly after because the pain would be to unbearable.

Not too sure when death would occur. In the video you can see he is plainly moving about for some time.  

Death by fire. It's not a pretty sight! 

The Internet, it's exposing us to the horrors of reality. We better sit up and take notice.

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Anonymous said...

It's horrible what the Muslims did to that pilot or with the other prisoners. But the truth is that none of them were killed for being Christians, and many of them were not even Christians. More than that, I think were just Christians who, for centuries, burned people alive for not being Christian or not to accept the tenets of Christianity. Unfortunately, I'm sure the author of this blog will not be able to approve comments that are not what he expects.

Marilyn Friesen said...

Hey Anonymous your double negatives leave me a bit confused. There is totally NO EXCUSE for cruelty of any sort towards ANYONE.We as Christians are asked to pray for those that despitefully use us and persecute us, and I sure hope millions are praying for those that are enduring terrible suffering whoever and wherever they are.