A Tramp Soul — They Can't Leave This Earthly Plane

You wake up one day and find yourself dead.

It may be shocking at first, to find yourself floating around, dead, bound to Earth's Plane. You may notice no one see's you, no one can hear you and yelling is futile. No one is paying any attention to you, as if you aren't there. 

You can't touch anything physically and if you do it takes much effort. You try your hardest to grab a cup but only to knock it off a table. Do not worry. It's only temporary and everyone goes there at first, but some (just a few) stay in that place called the Earth Plane.

If you find yourself in this predicament you must cut the rope that binds you to this Earth Plane, by letting go of your inner emotions of anger, your resentments, fears and the need for revenge. Maybe someone just killed you. You have to let go of the Earth Plane no matter how hard it is and when you find yourself doing so, you will move quickly to a higher realm, above the Earth Plane.

If you can't cut those ties to the material, sensual world you become a Tramp Soul, wondering the Earth Plane forever.  A bum, a hobo, riding the rails of death, restless and on a quest.

We love our wives and husbands, our children, our houses, our cars and all life's toys. They're hard to give up, so some people try to get back into their physical bodies to no avail. You may target a weaker body and mind, and try to possess them, also, to no avail. You reject the fact you are dead, and travel the earth plane searching for these weaker people for all eternity, trapped in a world of gloomy greyish fog not like the world you once lived in, full of colour.

Tramp souls are worried they left their lives unsatisfied and unfulfilled, still in need of completion. They may feel remorse for past deeds done, with a need to correct them, so they linger near where the event took place trying to make amends. Try as you might, it's all in vain. 

Sometimes a Tramp Soul might not even realize he is dead, travelling the Earth Plane in a somnambulist state, half aware, half not, perplexed in semiconsciousness, but completely aware of time. You could haunt locations for millennia, which some do, never leaving the Earth Plane. To some, a fate worse than hell itself. 

Of course there is no way to verify this hypothesis. You'll just have to take my word for it. 

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