Your Neighbour Could Be An Alien — Disguised As A Human

Survey Says, "Yes, UFOs have landed on Earth and yes, aliens are living among us, disguised as humans!"
A survey was taken back in 2010 by Ipsos, a research company, for Reuters. The question asked was; 

"Do you believe that UFOs have already landed on Earth and that extraterrestrials have been living among us, disguised as humans, for centuries?" 

One in three adults, stated they believed this to be true, that aliens do live among us and have for centuries. What surprised everyone coming from this report was that; only one in five of us adults would report seeing a UFO, if we actually believed we were seeing a UFO. 

Twenty-three thousand adults, representing all economic brackets, from twenty-three countries, participated in the survey from all parts of the world.  

China and India had the most believers—China, 22% of their men and 17% of their women, India, slightly higher—in UFOs and that aliens are living among us. The participants in the survey were mostly 35 years of age or younger.

The opposite happened in the northern European countries like; Belgium, Sweden and the Netherlands. They contained the least amount of believers. 

The big boss at Ipsos, the company that did the survey, Senior Vice-President, John Wright, speculated that, in a less populated country you are more likely to know your next door neighbour better, thus knowing he or she has not been body-snatched.

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Reference - The Book of Odds

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