Who Performed The Better Miracles, Jesus or Muhammad?

I'm debating which man performed the better miracles, Jesus or Muhammad?  Besides, Jesus virginal birth, a miracle in itself and Muhammad's birth, already clean with no blood spilt, already circumcised, his umbilical cord cut and tied, already on the mend, coming out from his mother's womb, proclaiming, "Allah Akbar!" (God is Great). No, not these. These are not the miracles that they performed personally.

In the Bible, Jesus performed hundreds of miracles. Where should I start, okay, first.  

1. Jesus changed water into wine. What better miracle. 

2. When he went fishing, did he ever go fishing. Enough to feed an army of at least 4,000 people. He could do the same with a loaf of bread.

3. He healed lepers, besides a host of other sick people, and the blind and the dumb. 

4. He even restored, missing and/or shrivelled limbs, and ears. 

5. He raised Lazarus and himself from the dead.

That's just a few on the long list of hundreds. 

Muhammad the prophet—though illiterate—on the other hand wrote in the Qurán, that he performed none. 

Nowhere in the Qurán does it say he ever performed any miracles, non, zilch. In fact, he disavowed any such ability. He was asked once why he did not perform any miracles like the other prophets did. His response was; his miracle was the Qurán (Sura 29:48-50)

But, contrary to the Qurán, however, the Hadith (Muslim traditional stories) has literally hundreds of such miracles.

Since the Qurán is the authority for Muslims, it becomes a little suspicious. Suddenly, has tradition more credence over the Qurán? Sounds hypocritical. These stories were written hundreds of years after Muhammad's time, plenty of time to embellish them. Were these stories of miracles that he performed just to satisfy believers into thinking Muhammad was on the same level as Jesus because many of the stories are quite similar to Jesus in the New Testament apocryphal, (stories written long after the time of Jesus)?  

Since the New Testament "apocryphal" books are doubtful for their authenticity in themselves, the Hadith stories are just or as much as doubtful, or more.

I say Jesus wins with his documented, eye witness accounts of a number of miracles. 

Muhammad loses, he was not a true miracle worker. He admits it himself, in the Qurán and we have good reason for doubting the veracity of his miracle claims in the Hadiths.

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OnwardChristian Radio said...

Jesus and Muhammad both are same. Both are did many miracles but it can not defines who performed better miracles. Many Jesus Miracles are stored in Bible like as Muhammad Miracles are stored in Kuran.