The Shi'ites — They Do Not Compromise — They Are Taught To Hate Us From An Early Age

Many Muslims are angry at the United States and Canada because of our relationship with Israel, which they believe to be an outpost for American expansionism. It's no secret, that their main desire is to return Israeli territory back to Muslim control. A promise, that there will be no peace until this destiny is fulfilled.

Islam has two major sects: the Sunnis and the Shi'ites. Islam was first divided over a dispute, about the first caliph (successor to Muhammad), which Muhammad neglected to appoint before his death. He forgot to make out a will, or didn't have time, dying of a sudden fever. He died with his head in the lap of his most beloved wife, 9 year old Ayesha

She cried out, "Muhammad is Dead"  

The Sunnis wanted Muhammad's successor to be elected, where the Shi'ites wanted his successor to come from Muhammad's bloodline. 

But, the Sunnis got their way because they make up 90% of all Muslims in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. The Sunnis were more tolerant and diversified and accepted the first four caliphs—believing that their faith can exist under the rule of other governments—Abu Bakr, Omar, Othman, and Ali were the true successors to Muhammad.

The Shi'ites on the other hand with only 10% of the Muslim population, were and are the most visible and vocal of the two. 

The Sunnis are more literal in their interpretation of the Qurán. They are the traditionalists of Islam, where the Shi'ites are the partisans of Ali, rejecting all caliphs who are not direct descendants of Ali (Muhammad's son-in-law). 

Shi'ites are attempting to establish Theocracy, a government ruled by an Iman, who has complete and extreme control over all his subjects, and are forcing their views of government (A God-ruled Nation) onto infidels worldwide, as the divine institution of Allah. They distrust the world as it is and admire their true believers that keep the faith and refuse to sell out or compromise with the already established order. As is written; 

"Shi'ites do no compromise with unbelievers."

An Imam is comparable to the Catholic pope, but the Imam's word is said to come directly from Allah. They are fiercely authoritarian in their interpretation of the Qurán.  

The Ayatollah Khomeini, if you are old enough to remember was an Iman. Not the type of man to mess with. In 1998 five radical Muslim caliphates (governments) signed a fatwa (a written decision) declaring a holy war (Jihad), against the United States. This fatwa stated that; America has occupied and plundered Islamic countries for over 7 years, their most holiest of places, especially the Arabian Peninsula. America is the aggressor and is ruled by Jews. By doing this, America has declared war on Allah! It is every Muslims duty to kill all Americans in any country, which it is possible. 

"With Allah's help Islam will fight the Pagans altogether, as they have fought us, altogether, until there are no more Infidels left."

Unfortunately, many Muslims that have no hope, no future, are poor, or disillusioned, religiously participate in Jihad. Can you blame them? Believing if he or she loses their life in service to Allah, they will be guaranteed entrance into paradise (Hadith 9:459), if successful he will be recompensed by Allah, with a reward and his share of the booty. (Hadith 1:35)

The Shi'ites, they do not compromise with, Unbelievers, Infidels, or Americans. They are taught from a very early age to hate us.

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