The Prophet Muhammad — Did He Suffer From Epilepsy?

Epilepsy: A neurological disorder marked by sudden recurrent episodes of sensory disturbance and loss of consciousness, or convulsions, associated with abnormal electrical activity in the brain. 

From time to time Muhammad would receive revelations, which he claimed came directly from God. He would first hear the sounds of bells, but no one else could hear them. He would start to perspire profusely, lay flat on the floor and flail his legs and arms with his tongue hanging out, the veins in his forehead would look like they were going to burst, then he'd lose consciousness and enter a trance-like state, foaming at the mouth. His eyes would roll back showing only the whites of his eyes and his body would jerk and writhe in agony as he rolled on the ground in a fetal position, all symptoms of epilepsy.

In the Qurán, there are approximately 124,000 prophets sent to earth, by one true God, each prophet has a revelation appropriate for his time on earth. Muhammad is one of those prophets.  Apparently when God gave a new book to Muhammad it superseded all other books including the Bible. He believed his true mission in life was just one task, and that was "Only to warn!" Surah 11:12 and the need to submit to Allah. A doom-sayer of sorts, warning the world of the coming, Day of Judgement.

Muhammad was born in poverty into a polytheistic culture, believing in many Gods, in Mecca in AD 570. His father died shortly before his birth, his mother when he was six. He was raised by his uncle.

Muhammad was a lucky guy of sorts, of medium build and height, with dark curly hair and supporting one big uni-brow. He had a big nose, with big hands and feet. When riled there was a huge black vein running across his forehead which would swell under the pressure. People avoided him during these angry outbursts. 

He was exceptionally tidy and neat, to the point of being anal. He was kind and gentle, sincere and amiable, everyone wanted to be his friend. Generous with everyone he knew and a shrewd businessman. An improviser who understood human nature, he was extremely sensual and could be very cruel if he wanted to be.

Why I say he was lucky is because he had the good fortune of finding a sugar-momma, 15 years his senior, a widow named Khadija. He became her camel boy, turned lover, eventually to marry her. His tide of fortune changed after that, she became the first believer in Islam. He travelled extensively, learning and encountering many people of different religions.

He confided in Khadija one day that he believed he was possessed by the devil. She convinced him it was God not a demon and encouraged him on.

He was ridiculed and sneered at by his peers and most Meccans at first.

"Who does this cowardly pretentious shepherd think he is, marrying a widow old enough to be his mother, telling us what to believe?"

The mockery failed to discourage him, he grew more extravagant, claiming the angel Gabriel took him from Jerusalem to heaven and introduced him to all the prophets before and after, even being introduced to God himself. 

Unfortunately for Muhammad, while he claimed to have left Jerusalem and was in heaven, in the year AD 619, Jerusalem had been destroyed in AD 70. A miscalculation of over 500 years, apparently he was unaware of that fact. One of many, miscalculations that Muhammad made during his life time.

Khadijah died after 25 years of happy marriage. Out of sheer loneliness, he then married fifteen more women, one a childhood bride, Ayesha. She was six years old when given to him in marriage, nine when Muhammad consummated it, according to the Hadith.

On January, AD 630 Mecca surrendered to Muhammad and in 632 he died of a fever.

Your thoughts, do you think Muhammad was epileptic, a ticking time bomb?

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