"The Phoenix Lights" Were The Orbs Trying To Communicate With Mankind?

It's strange. 

Something unexpected happened during the sightings of the Phoenix Lights; the Orb Phenomenon, which happened over the city of Phoenix Arizona, on Thursday, March 13, 1997. Many people claim to have seen an almost invisible triangle floating between the orbs, where others could not, but that's not the strangest thing.

The strange thing was; the astounding, deep spiritual feeling that many of the witnesses felt as they looked up into the sky at the glowing orbs hovering above their heads for over half an hour. Some so strong that it changed many of the their lives, forever. 

It's not mentioned very much. The whole event wasn't covered in the beginning by the general media, why? So, there's not much recorded of the first event. There were actually many sightings, but all were gathered together and categorized into two main events, the second sightings of the Phoenix Lights were substantiated by the military as being their own flares.

During the first sighting, many people said that there minds seemed to open up, beyond their wildest comprehensions and experiences, almost as disturbing, they found they understood the profound meaning in life. After being mesmerized they had a feeling of peacefulness, were in awe of something bigger than themselves, sensing a joyful feeling in their inner beings, of being aware of living life and witnessing life in its grandeur, spread out before them as if sent from heaven. 

What happened? Were these orbs trying to communicate, using mental telepathy, ESP and what message was it trying to send? Were they some sort of intelligent light beings sending images by remote viewing, telling us that, they have come in peace

If the orbs in the Phoenix Lights wanted to communicate with mankind, why didn't they hang around a little while longer and make sure we understood before they took off?

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