The High Priestess of The Church of Satan, Jayne Mansfield

Someone you might not think of as being a Satanist was Jayne Mansfield.  Remember her, the cheap, buxom, hour glass imitation of Marilyn Monroe? Like Monroe she strived at her thespian endeavours but unfortunately failed, never beating her public persona as a poor man's Marilyn.  

Satanist Anton LaVey
While her film career was stagnating she met an occultist named Anton LaVey and fell under his spell, becoming emotionally and spiritually dependent on him, to the point of almost stalking him.

Jayne had a son named Zoltan. He was mauled after being attacked, by a lion at the San Francisco Zoo. At that time she was heavily involved with Anton who didn't hesitate to act. He sped to the top of Mount Tamalpais, in the rain, donned in a large black cape and cried out to Satan, "Save the child!"

The child lived, increasing Jayne's trust and love in LaVey. That's when Jayne's lawyer and real lover, Sam Brody stepped in. He didn't like LaVey and LaVey didn't like him. LaVey cursed him with a Satanic destruction ritual. LaVey had apparently ripped the heads off  Jayne and Sam, in a photograph while performing the curse. We all know what happened then. Sam and Jayne were both killed in a car accident.

Jayne, it was believed, was to have been decapitated as the reports of the accident show, but it is not true, she just lost the top of her head, scalped, not her whole head. About the same place where LaVey had ripped the photograph, the tear mark ran across the top of her head.

LaVey blamed himself and tried in vain to separate himself apart, from that of normal mortal men. He died in 1997, a mortal.

Sounds like something right out of Ripley's Believe It Or Not, but Jayne Mansfield earned for herself a permanent place in the history of the Church of Satan lore, even gaining the title of High Priestess by her association with Anton LaVey, the founder of the Church of Satan. 

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