The Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth

In the early years of Satanic worship people involved came from all walks of life. Common sense rules and regulations had to be set forth. Here are the guidelines to Satanic etiquette. This list served to clarify what the Church thought of Satanism. That Satanists were not baby killers, nor did they sacrifice animals. Well, at least not after the appearance of his high priest and magician, Aleister Crowley and his Law of Thelema

"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Love is the law, love under will."

Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth


There's nothing worse than someone dishing out his opinions left and right, to anyone who will listen, so; unless someone asks for your opinion, etiquette dictates that you keep your big mouth shut.  


Stop whining. Second to dishing out opinions there is nothing worse than a whiner, crying the blues to unsympathetic ears. No one wants to hear about your problems, we've got our own.


Show some respect when out and about, especially when in someone else's home. Do go if you can't be respectful.


If a guest comes to your house and acts rude, treat him cruelly and show no mercy. Throw him out on his ear.


Don't come on too strong or make sexual advances until you are given the mating signal. Gays included. You don't want your intentions to get misconstrued, it could lead to some serious injury upon oneself.


Unless someone doesn't want an object and they give clear evidence they don't want it, don't take it. In other words don't steal from your friends.


Okay, now we're getting serious. Acknowledge what you don't understand but believe in the power of magic, especially if you've used magic before and were successful at whatever it was. Watch out though, because if you deny that the power of magic exists after you've summoned it and obtained your desired goal, you will lose everything pertaining to that goal. Everything!


Mind your own business. That needs no further explanation. 


Never, ever harm a child. If you do, Heaven help you because Satan won't!


This kind of goes along with #9. There are two rules you have to adhere to; First, never, ever kill anything that's living, unless it's attacking you and you need to defend yourself or secondly; you're hungry and that chicken looks mighty tasty, which means for food only.

and finally...


When out and about, bother no one. If someone bother's you ask him to stop. Then and only then, if he doesn't stop, destroy him!

The eleven satanic rules of the earth, somewhat simple to understand, wouldn't you agree? 

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Martha Fernanda IC said...

nono but you don't have to destroy!.... the person or the living being.. maybe you really have to type or write: destroy a wrong thought or idea! but not someone...

you said that weirdly!, and well, the memories are more like glial cells, to say "I have a good memory that I can read!" is to think in I have a good mind! or in irony or sarcasm "I have a good sata!" but it's not for saying satanism.... is just an irony! between a ridiculous thought of kidding yourself! or like: a ridiculous comparing yourself memory with a "sata" or a "hard drive" of a robot or computer system that use a "sata" to keep files and images, and videos or like you can say "memory" .... just a ridiculous thing... =P