The Death-Bed Experience. Seeing Dead People

Sometimes, as people are lying in bed near the end of their life, there are reported encounters with deceased loved ones, the sight of beautiful unearthly environments and a bright light, maybe even a sense of unconditional love, it's called a death-bed experience.

These death-bed experiences resemble near-death experiences (NDE) but are not quite the same, the death-bed experience happens during waking consciousness and the people experiencing them may talk about them as they happen, where those that have near-death experiences are unconscious and uncommunicative, brain dead. 

As in NDE's, the death-bed vision takes away the fear of death. How often has it been heard, when someone dying says they saw, their dead wife, mother or father? Usually these familiar entities reassure the dying person that there is nothing to be afraid of, that they have come for them, that sort of thing.

Many of these death-bed experiences are interpreted as hallucinations, terminal confusion or the side effects of medication and could include those attending the death-bed and are included in the dead-bed experience. (When the dying person starts talking to someone not in the room etc. in front of witnesses.) 

There are fewer reported death-bed experiences due simply to the fact most people die shortly after a death-bed experience, not like a NDE where the dying person has left their body then told to return but with death-bed experiences only some of them are reported by the attending audience. 

Are these death-bed experiences just hallucinations. No.  

Hallucinations are not rooted in reality and contain no universal elements. They are sensory perceptions experienced as real, with a gambit of a wide range of emotions, including fear with vivid images and sounds, where in death-bed experiences fear subsides. 

Hallucinations are associated with schizophrenia, psychoses, migraines, drug use, and alcohol withdrawal where people that experience NDE and death-bed experiences are emotionally healthy and stable, fully aware.

The difference between a hallucination and a death-bed experience is the hallucination has no basis in reality and people that have experienced both a hallucination and a death-bed experience say there is no comparison between the two. They are completely two different types of experiences.

The difference between a death-bed experience and a NDE is the NDE can be verified. An example would be someone who see's something impossible to see from the operating table, such as the top side of a hanging light since they were on the ceiling at the time, or looking and watching the doctors trying to resuscitate you. Where in a death-bed experience, you supposedly communicate with the dead, moments before your own demise.

How wonderful is a death-bed experience when it erases most of the fear of dying. 

To think, if there is really such a thing as a death-bed experience, you won't be alone when it happens.

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