The Angel of Destruction and David, Was It a Deadly UFO Encounter?

When we think of angels, we think of beings that are glowing white with wings and halos floating in the sky, descending from heaven as souls, bringing goodness, protection and beneficence. As seen from a human prospective neither good nor bad, carrying out God's instructions, doling out rewards and punishments to people that have done good and those that have done bad.

They have no names, and are said to total in the hundreds of thousands.

Then, there is the Angel of Destruction, the leader of this army of angels, that float in the air, facing him as he sits on the throne on Judgement Day. The Angel of Mercy floats on his right and the Angel of Peace floats on his left. The other angels float everywhere and take notes, watching, at the ready to obey. 

These angels are supposedly sent from God, ascend from Heaven with two major tasks at hand, to punish the wicked and to torture and purify the souls in hell (Abaddon).

Two of the angels, take the people who have some redeeming qualities and either purify their souls or take them down to hell. God makes all the decisions, the angels are there to carry out God's orders, nothing else. The angel, Gabriel is said to be one such angel. He was dispatched to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah.

Take the story of David and Goliath? Popular no doubt, but have you heard the story of David and the Angel of Destruction. It goes something like this...

...One day David was taking a census of his army. God didn't want him to do that, so sent an Angel of Destruction to intercept as a reminder of the true strength of God. The angel floated in the air in front of David and many other witnesses, at the ready for God's command to destroy the city of Jerusalem. Instead of destroying the city, God withheld and offered David a choice of three punishments.

1.  3 years of farming without any rain. Famine.  or/

2.  David's enemies will defeat him in 3 months.  or/

3.  A terrible disease that will strike the land for 3 days. 

David chose the terrible disease that would strike the land for 3 days. 70,000 of his soldiers died.

I just have to ask, what type of disease was that? It struck all those soldiers at once, but there is no mention of it striking anyone else in the general public, a disease that can come and go instantly, select whom it will attack and kill them within three days. Sounds like science fiction.

Could it be, the Angel of Destruction that David encountered with his men and witnessed floating above Jerusalem was a UFO rather than an angel? Did a UFO come to Earth in the times of David, and what really happened? Did the UFO feel threatened enough by David's army, to strike them down? 

This is just my theory, I have nothing to back my words, but it sounds like acute radiation poisoning or something similar had struck David's army.

Did the UFOs zap them with micro waves, then take off?

I'll leave the choice up to you. Either Angels or UFOs? My theory works for me but in reality, one theory is as good as the other, neither provable.

Your thoughts?

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Ref: 1 Chronicles 21:1-30

1 comment:

Dr. Hydrokx said...

I would say an Angels, at least that's what the three books keep mentioned (the Torah, the Bible and the Quran)
Then I asked my self why or what could possibly those Army had to interfere with UFOs like 10 thousands years agos
your story was nice though,but the UFO term showed up recently.