"Quorum Sensing" The Language of Bacteria

Let's face it! Germs and bacteria are all around us and won't be going away, too soon. Estimates range there is well over ten trillion bacteria living on you're body alone, inside and out and they never work alone, it's almost guaranteed you will never find one by itself.  

In recent years microbiologists have discovered that all bacteria talk to one another, using chemicals and molecules as; language, called Quorum Sensing

Relying on these molecules and chemicals, bacteria are able to co-ordinate behaviour like; mass migration, eavesdropping on neighbours or preforming deadly attacks. Each bacteria have there own specific language, as closely related as British English is to American English. 

Say, a germ is floating around somewhere in your body. As it travels around it produces a particular chemical unique to their kind. It's like carrying around a sign saying, hello, I'm here! 

The other bacteria sense these unique chemicals and can determine what's going on around them, and how many friends or foes are within it's immediate area, even understanding the language of white blood cells, as they start to form in defensive groups. The germs ambush them as they prepare to march. Armed with this skill, they can make decisions, unite and attack as one body.

Quorum Sensing can be deadly to humans.

When deadly germs enter a human, they immediately start looking for more of its brethren, sending out chemicals to let the others know they've arrived. Once they amass into an army of billions, they start the attack, pumping out toxins left and right, either making you sick or killing you.

Scientists are starting to understand this language, decoding it, finding cures by jamming the communications lines. A brand new technique in our battle against antibiotic resistance, giving us all, a little more hope when needed. Without this chemical speech, bacteria could not exist in such vast numbers.  

Hopefully, by understanding bacterial evolution scientists may someday gain superiority over the germ and eradicate the many diseases that plague mankind today. After all, quorum sensing has been around since life began and it's possible that every cell in your body, not only bacteria and germs have been talking together using Quorum Sensing, since your conception. 

Bacteria have been communicating with one another long before man entered the scene. It's about time we learned their language, so we can change the rules for our own benefit. 

Right now, it's the bacteria that make the rules, let's not forget; It's the meek that shall inherit, the earth Matthew 5:5 or maybe, they have already.

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