Premonitions — You Don't Have To Go Looking For Them, They Come To You

You don't have to go looking for them. Sometimes fateful forebodings come to those who aren't even looking.

Throughout history there have been recordings of people who, as if hit by lightning, get an uneasy feeling, a vivid lucid dream, even while awake, a premonition of something bad that is about to happen in the near or distant future.

In most cases we are powerless to prevent the outcome, either we don't take them seriously or we don't know exactly what the premonition is for. This is the hardest to get right because in the psychic world things happen fast, sometimes moments before the event happens. 

Here is an example: In 1979, David Booth had a premonition, he could have averted one of the worst air accidents in American History. In 1979, he dreamed for ten nights in a row of an American Airlines jet, rolling and crashing. The premonition was so strong he called the Federal Aviation Administration and told them what he saw. They believed him but David couldn't provide enough clues to where this crash was supposed to happen. Four days later an American Airlines DC-10 Flight 191, shortly after take-off at Chicago's O'Hare Airport, rolled over in the air and came crashing back down to earth, killing all 275 people on board.

Here is another example of twenty-four people, all having the same premonition at the same time. In October of 1966 a huge mountain of coal waste tumbled down onto the town of Aberfan, Wales burying 144 people, mostly school kids. Only a few of the people lived near the town, or knew the circumstances with the coal pile. 

One of the kids, drew a picture earlier that day of the event that was about to happen, complete with a clock on the classroom wall, showing at what time the event occurred. The night before the disaster a woman in a near-by town had a premonition, she saw the disaster unfold before her eyes and even saw the rescue operation when one of the rescue workers saved a little boy. She recognized the saviour and the boy on the news the next day.

Then there's the famous story of the sinking of the Titanic, on April 14, 1912. We all know that story line but did you know there was a man on board, by the name of William Stead. He had been warned by two different psychics not to travel on water. He didn't listen, even writing one of them that he would see them when he got back, but he never returned. The funny thing about this premonition was he wrote a short story twenty years earlier about a similar unsinkable ship that sunk after hitting an ice-berg.

Fourteen years before the Titanic sank, another novel was written called, Futility, by a former sailor named Morgan Robertson. It too, was classed as unsinkable, but it hits an ice-berg and goes down in icy waters one cold night in April. This fictional ship was almost identical to the Titanic in size, weight and speed at the time of the collision. He named the boat in his novel, the Titan.

Other passengers like J.P. Morgan the millionaire banker listened to his inner voice and decided to cancel his trip. A sailor commissioned to the Titanic refused to sail with the crew. They were the lucky ones.

There is one person who didn't listen to his inner voice and that was Mark Twain. When he was young he apprenticed on the steamship Pennsylvania, they plied the waters of the Mississippi. He even got his younger brother Henry, a job on the boat. One night Twain had a lucid dream. In it he saw a metal casket with Henry in it, white flowers with a single red bloom adorning the centre. 

On voyage downstream he had a rile with the captain and disembarked, his brother stayed on board. Just outside Memphis the boat blew up killing 150 people including Twain's brother Henry. At the funeral, there it was, the metal casket with his brother in it and the bouquet of flowers with one red rose. 

Twain didn't predict his own death but did foresee it in a way, as he told a friend one night in 1909, over sherry, "I came in with Halley's Comet in 1835 and expect to go out with it." Then the next year, in 1910 Halley's Comet did arrive and Twain died. 

There are thousands of cases of people receiving premonitions about future events, some listen, some don't. One thing, you don't have to go looking for them, they come to you.

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