Misogyny — Islam's Deep Ingrained Hatred of Women

If there is one thing that is for sure, Islam is deeply anti-woman and remains a major obstacle for Muslim women to elevate their position in society today. In Islam, women have always been considered inferior to man in every way, physically, intellectually and morally as spoken in the Qur'an and supported by the hadiths, Mohammads actual words and actions.

To Muslims the Qur'an is the word of God himself. His words are absolute and valid at all times and in all places and never to be questioned for to do so would be considered blasphemous, which just goes to show that any religion that requires a person to be totally obedient without thought, cannot produce people with free and critical thought. The result is stagnation for the intellectual. Illiteracy remains the highest for Muslim countries. Criticism is not tolerated. Innovation is discouraged and every problem is a religious problem rather than a social or economic problem.

It seems Islam has taken the story of Adam and Eve to new heights. Man was the original creation, woman came second. From the beginning woman has been led to believe they are inferior to man. Mohammad's exact words: 

"Be friendly to women for womenkind was created from a rib, but the bent part of the rib, high up, if you try to straighten it you will break it; if you do nothing, she will continue to be bent."

The Qur'an belittles women. Certain verses show that women are guile, deceitful and treacherous, that it is in their nature and are unable and unwilling and incapable of change and often aligned with the devil. Here are three examples:

4.1 17. They invoke in His stead only females, they pray to none else than Satan, a rebel.
53.21-22 Are yours the males and his the females? That indeed is and unfair division.
53.27 Lo! it is those who disbelieve in the Hereafter who name the angels with the names of females.

In hadiths, based on Islamic law, women are to stay at home and do her spinning and not go outside much to visit friends. The greatest Muslim after Mohammad (philosopher al-Ghazali 1058-1111) defined woman's role in Islam: Rule of thumb, she should never talk about her family to outsiders. She must be kept ignorant and be on beckon call for her husband and to obey him. If she dies and her husband was pleased with her then she will go to heaven. No matter what, even on the back of a camel, if the husband wants sex, she has to put out. Headaches are for the Western woman. She can never say to her husband, "you don't buy me anything!" or he can beat her. We can see how long that would last in Canada. 

There are three things considered to be the presages to bad omens and that is a house, a woman and a horse.

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مصطفى حسنين مصطفى عصفور said...

I am a Muslim man. I cannot find the words that can make a creature like you understand how Muslims feel even if the remains of such writings stick to the bottom of their shoes. I read a lot written by many ignorant creatures specially many of those who call themselves "christians" but you are "the" ignorant. You cannot even understand what you yourself wrote !!! not to mention what you extracted from the Quran and Hadith. The three examples you extracted from the Quran are exactly and precisely the opposite of what your sick feelings towards Islam make you imagine that they are !!!. The three tell about what dis-believers think and do !!!. You did not even write the one Hadith you chose till its end !!!. The first sentence of this Hadith is repeated at the end of it, and this is the true essence of it. It does not disgrace women or provoke men against them as sick-minded creatures interpret religion. On the contrary it sticks "Fragile" and "Handle with care" ... etc signs on women and consequently lays more responsibility on men. There is absolutely nothing called "The greatest Muslim after Muhammad". Only creatures like you believe such lies and use the one you used and the mentally-retarded nonsense you attached to it to create more and more of the dirts and fill such articles with. Islam and Muslims are not what you described, they are the exact opposite, and you know that damn well, and this is the reason why many like you are very fond of writing more and more of such stinking sick-minded lies . I can waste more of my time trying to make you understand anything at all about this matter, but I will be just one more of the millions of Muslims who did that so far and the only outcome is more and more creatures like you digging backwards and re-publishing the same sick-minded lies over and over again. Enjoy more victories over Islam.