Miracle Babies — A Case of Hanky-Panky or Some Sort of Ancient Knowledge About In Vitro Fertilization

For centuries it was considered a disgrace, for a woman to be barren. The Bible is full of stories of miracle births.

There is nothing more astonishing than the story of Sarah and her infamous husband, Abraham. God appeared before them with two angels. Sarah and Abraham were both old, she was well past the age of child-bearing when God promised her and her husband that they would have a son within a year. Sarah laughed at God for such a suggestion, then lied to cover her tracks, saying that she didn't laugh, but God knew she lied. Genesis 18:13 

This story is basically about the willingness to trust God. She was 90 when she gave birth to Isaac. This miracle baby would leave a legacy, a whole nation full of countless descendants.

How did this work, against all odds for a woman that old to have a baby. Whatever, God's prediction did come to pass. Believe it or not! As Ripley would say.

Isaac and his wife Rebekah also had trouble conceiving. He was 60. She was barren. Isaac prayed and prayed until God finally answered him. She became pregnant, eventually having twins also, the first Esau, a hairy red baby, the second was Jacob, who came out of his mothers womb holding onto Esau's foot. Genesis 25:21

Then, there was the mother of Samson, the wife of Manoah, she couldn't give birth, barren also when suddenly an angel pops out of the sky and tells her she will be pregnant with God's son, Samson! 

"You are sterile and childless," God said to Manoah's wife, "but you are going to conceive a son."    Judges 13.3   

You've heard of Samuel the great prophet? His mother couldn't conceive, until a priest named, Eli said that God had answered her prayers, she will be pregnant. 1 Samuel 1:17

You've heard the story of the baby Jesus, but what about Jesus's mother's cousin, Elizabeth. Her and her husband Zechariah were two old foggies when she conceived. Their son grew up to be John the Baptist. Luke 1:5-25.

Today, if we have a miracle baby such as the ones described in the bible, there's usually something more going on behind the scenes, something more than just praying and talking with God, but more like, a little hanky-panky while the husband is away.

Or, now this is far out, some sort of lost ancient knowledge about In Vitro Fertilization techniques.

Your thoughts?

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Munson X said...

I believe God can open a womb if He so commands it, and make a virgin pregnant without the aid of a man. Supernaturally, of course.

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