Islam's War Against Civilization, the World, Freedom, Order, Progress and Hope, Our Dreams and Wishes and Now Cartoons.

In the past century, who have we been fighting and why? The shootings in Paris yesterday, why is this violence happening?

Is the fight between Communism and Democracy, Liberalism and Conservatism, Nationalism and Colonialism, how about Socialism and Capitalism?  If not them, how about between the Rich and the Poor, the Working Class against the Middle and Upper Classes? Is it Industrial or Agricultural, Management or Labour, First World or Third World, North against South, East against West, Allies against the Axis, Russia against America? 

All these conflicts are considered important in the 21st century, but none can be as important and more dangerous than Islam's Ultimate Plan against Civilization, Islam against Freedom, Islam against Order, Islam against Progress, and finally down to between Islam and Cartoons. Our hope our dreams and our wishes. Jihad.

All the other conflicts and wars, have come and gone, waxed and waned but this constant struggle with Islam has been carried on, since the birth of Allah, his sanity now in question. It strikes everywhere, on just about every subject, every discipline and every period of time in history. A fact more evident today than ever before.

The conflicts between Islam and the rest of the world dominate the headlines in the news and define many of our foreign policies. It is the denials, Islam makes concerning Christianity; that the Bible is corrupt, that God is not the father, the son or the holy ghost. That Jesus is not the Son of God or even its Saviour, that he didn't die on the cross for us nor was he raised from the dead. In plain simple language, Islam denies what Christianity regards as nonnegotiable. Islam is the only religion, to Muslims there is nothing else.

The three; Jews, Christians, and Muslims cannot live in harmony. History has proven that. To a Muslim, the fight will continue until every last Infidel is wiped off the face of the Earth. 

Converts to Islam are not even safe, in the end, they too will be annihilated by the Muslims. You must be born into the faith, there are no considerations in Islam, it is the absolute truth as written in the Qurán. Muslims try to make converts welcome and safe but in reality they aren't. They will all be put to death, as Allah commands; spread, multiply and conquer. Just look back in history and compare what Islam was and what it has become and where it's heading in the near future and how they are going to get there.

The Jews just want to be left alone. The Christians want us all to unite. I'm self proclaimed Agnostic, leaning toward Atheism, I just don't want to lose my head over what someone else believes, this struggle, that Muslims have against the unbelievers.

It's time for Christians, Jews, everyone, good Muslims themselves, to step up to bat and start swinging. We have a war on our hands. Islam has called Jihad, be prepared to fight for your life.

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Ross Blankert said...

To those who hate America, they want to see the country die. What they fail to notice is they will die with it. They won't fight. They won't even call these murderers Islamic for fear they will hurt their feelings.