"Islamic Tolerance" Muslims Just Don't Talk About It.

What a deception! Islamic Tolerance, we've been had. This obviously is not true: 

"Jihad has never been an aggressive, but only a defensive concept."

Lately, what were the Muslims protecting in France? Free speech

We don't talk much about the religious discrimination and persecution of Christians and Jews, by Muslims over the last 13 centuries, which caused millions upon millions of Christians and Jews to suffer and die. It is all swept under the rug called, "Islamic Tolerance." Meaning Muslims just don't talk about it!

There are too many cowardly and deceitful, Muslim journalists that sympathize with their radical Muslim brothers, afraid of discrimination and persecution. Justifying invasions of other countries and all that goes with it, from enslaving all its people, to looting and pillaging, to the raping of their women and the killing their children.  

These eastern and western Muslim journalists are intellectual, dishonest hypocrites, justifying Muslim military aggressions but condemning the attacks from others against them, even if that attack is in retaliation to their attacks. Especially, if they lose the battle, they are the loudest to cry, what atrocities!  

I call it, double talk, can't you hear it?

If and when you do hear the double talk, you'll know we are not talking the same language as "them". 

It's when Islam defines; refusal to submit to Sharia law as aggression, and then turns around and defines peace as submission to Islam

"Islamic Tolerance" Muslims just don't talk about it. 

We've been had.

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