Is It Possible For A Terrorist To Make A Homemade Nuclear Bomb?

Have you ever wondered how difficult it is to make a nuclear bomb? Is it possible to make one down in your basement? I've read numerous articles on the subject and found out that it's pretty easy, google it! Type in, How to Make a Nuclear Bomb, there's over 19 million sites you can search. 

I've put two and two together and found out, all you need is a critical mass of radioactive material, either plutonium or enriched uranium. Once you have either one of those, you can sit back and watch the fireworks begin, without really doing anything. 

There's one big problem though, making a nuclear bomb and that is; how to obtain some of this radioactive material. Where, oh where can you get some fissile material?

You can't go to the corner store and buy it. In fact you need a certain type of fizzle, you need Uranium 235, a radioactive heavy natural metal that can be forcibly split when hit by neutrons fired at it. Once the atom starts to break-up it starts a chain reaction. 

This is the problem; You'd have to dig up 25,000 tons of uranium ore to get 50 tons of the metal, which 1% is Uranium 235. That's a lot of digging and separating. Complicating matters, natural uranium is made up mostly of the 238 isotope, which is chemically identical to the 235, hard to separate. Scientists use fluorine to separate them. Once you have 100 pounds of the stuff, then you have a nuclear bomb. You could use plutonium instead, a by-product of nuclear reactors. In that case you'd only need 20 pounds of fizzle, which takes the average nuclear reactor a year to produce and it costs a lot. 

Depending on your method of deployment, plutonium makes sense because it's lighter than uranium. Easier to attach to a warhead on a missile, and can travel further using less power.

All you have to do is make sure you keep the metals separate in the bomb after you've made it and once you have it aimed and ready to go off, then mix the metals together using conventional weapon systems and run like hell!

Maybe, a lone individual could not possibly make a nuclear bomb down in their basement, it's a little too ambitious but that doesn't mean a country couldn't or wouldn't, in secret. There are already over 16,000 nuclear bombs around the world, at the ready.

Determination, that's all it takes to make the first home-made nuclear bomb. Obviously, it's not only me that wants to know how hard one is to make. I'm now wondering, who else wants to know? Would a terrorist want to know?

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