Eurabia—The New Islamic Europe

Muslims are talking today about changing the name of the continent, Europe into Eurabia. I am convinced, as I read about Islam, that if Muslims finally attain a majority in any country, as they have in Turkey, they will be similarly oppressed, persecuted, eventually eliminating and exterminating all Christian minorities (Infidels), within their control. Some countries like Albania and Bosnia have Muslim majorities and have already entered the European Union.

What we need to do is understand the times, this won't be the first time that Europe has faced similar threats; from Pagans in the 15th century to Islamic expansionism in the 16th century. The threat is the same, history is repeating itself. The solution is the same. We need reformation! We need to understand that threat and the realities of Sharia Law.

Here is the real threat from Islam; Europe is dying by failure to have enough children. If present trends continue by the end of this century, Europe's indigenous population will plummet from well over 730 million people to a mere 200 million. There is an iron law in history, we just have to see it: The Future Belongs to the Fertile.

We need a battle plan, but first we need to recognize our enemy: Radical Islam. What will our weapons of choice be against it? The bible, evangelism or prayer? 

Two extremes we have to avoid, are refusing to see the danger and say, there is no problem. And, those that say there is a danger, with no hope in hell for us, the Doom Sayers, no matter how true their predictions become. We need a battle plan? 

Most of the Christian armies of Europe are either AWOL (absent without leave), from fear of retaliation against their religious beliefs or conscientious objectors. The ones left, the few faithful are content singing songs of praise instead of engaging the enemy on the battlefield. 

We are being called to a new crusade, to stand up to the Muslim conquest, done many times before successfully and will be done again. 

Islam has declared Jihad on Christians and Jews. We have to stop ignoring that fact?

We must conquer fear 2 Timothy 1:7
We must conquer cowardice Ephesians 6:10-11, We must conquer ignorance Hosea 4:6 

If there is a God, then he's on our side, but don't expect him to step in and save us at the last minute. 

The Antichrist (Islam) rules for seven years, before God steps in. It's written in the bible, if you don't believe me. 

All I can say is, "Hark, when you hear a spooky trumpet sound someday, that will be the warning sign sent from heaven that the end is nigh. Did I say nuclear bomb?

Right now, we have to somehow, nip Islam in the bud, before she gets ready to bloom and run out of control like a bad weed. 

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