Dog's Top 5 Blogs of "2014"

First of all, I want to thank everyone who has paid a visit to my page this past year. I wish you all a prosperous and a Happy New Year. I'm humbled thinking there are so many people that find my blogs interesting. A high-five to all the weird shit out there. Here is a list of five of my most popular blogs for the year, 2014. 


The fifth most popular post was about Superstition and Love. People just have to know what's in store for them. Women want to find the perfect man, a fear of being a spinster and man wants to find that beautiful woman which he never seems to obtain. They'll believe anything to make it come true, even resorting to silly superstitions, spells, horoscopes, ladders and mirrors. The do's and dont's for finding a mate. No wonder this one was so popular. One of the most often asked questions in any reading, Will I find my true love?


Running the fourth most popular blog was about the Pineal Gland a rudimentary eye, the most misunderstood of all the glands, situated at the top of the spine. Many believe the resting spot of the soul, where consciousness exists. Imagine! You, inside your head, in a little gland, looking out. Truly mysterious. It explains it's popularity and begs to ask another leading question, Who am I?


The third most read blog was about humans with tails. What happened to our tail-bone, anyway?  As an embryo we had tails, where did it go, was it evolution that made it disappear?  It seems people must feel they had one at one time, by the amount of hits the blog got. It's rare no doubt, but I didn't realize it was that common. They say we needed it for balance, when we were hanging from tree branches in the jungle. Did our tails disappear along with our gills and fins? 


We must love our cars, our toys what more can I say. This was my second most popular post the Nucleaon nuclear car. The future doesn't seem to have turned out the way we wanted. Luckily! I find it hard to imagine a world full of cars with little nuclear reactors under the hood. What were we thinking?


And the number one video for 2014 was about a huge giant mother ship a UFO flying somewhere near Jupiter. There must be a primal fear of being invaded by little green men because this blog went viral. Well, viral to me. Overnight, the Mother Ship Blog got hit twenty thousand times. 

I want to thank you all again, for visiting my site and hope to see you all again in "2015"  All the best.

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