Dissociation—Closely Related to Out-of-Body and Near-Death Experiences

Dissociation, it's the mind's way to protect someone from disturbing memories and images, closely related, but not a spontaneous out-of-body experience (OBE), nor is it a near-death experience (NDE). There is especially no connection with dissociation among young children whom experienced OBEs, when apparently were in no mortal danger what-so-ever, but research shows they are closely related but not the same. 

There are about 10% of us adults and up to 25% of younger children that have had an OBE. That is, having a spontaneous sensation of being outside of the body, usually happening in those grey periods between waking and sleeping. 

Adults who had a NDE while a child, have reported the frequency of episodes of spontaneous OBE increased as they got older, while awake and while sleeping. They say that the NDE enhanced their consciousness and intuition ever afterwards. 

Sexual, physical and mental abuse may trigger an out-of-body-experience as some sort of protection from either pain or humiliation called dissociation and may be more common in children than previously thought. These episodes of dissociation do not qualify as spontaneous out-of-body, nor near-death experiences. 

Dissociation is an escape from frightening realities of trauma, the disruption of the normal functions of identity, memory and consciousness.  Many abused children experience no pain during this dissociation and often see themselves in a position outside the body, usually right over top looking down on what's happening, the same with people that have a NDE.

The difference with dissociation and a spontaneous out-of-body experience is; dissociation is stored deep inside the mind and forgotten about. Sometimes brought out and recalled through the use of hypnosis but spontaneous out-of-body experiences are verifiable, as soon as the person becomes conscious. 

A person that experiences a NDE, never shuts up about it, have you not noticed?

That's all they'll talk about for the next three years, being in heaven or hell, seeing loved ones and doctors as they hover, suspended over their own body, then suddenly being told to go back to that body, that their time is not up yet. Usually, the person wants to stay, but God, or whoever sends them back anyway.

A child that experiences dissociation, never talks about the incident, basically because they can't remember it. It's the mind's way to protect someone from the disturbing memories and images they were forced to endure. 

I myself haven't experienced any disturbing memories, and thanks to the Internet, I've seen it all, I think! Never felt Dissociation, or had an Out-of-Body nor a Near-Death Experience.

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