Carl Jung's Near-Death Experience and His Space Odyssey

You may not know this but, Carl Jung, the famous psychologist had a near-death experience (NDE) while experiencing a heart attack, back in 1944. His out-of-body experience is remarkable due to the fact that he saw the earth from a distance. A great distance. From outer space.

What Jung described, was verifiably correct, twenty years later, Yuri Gagarin, the Russian cosmonaut, looked back at Earth when he went into deep space, he actually saw the same thing.

His first recollection after having the heart attack was realizing that he was way out, floating around in space. When he looked back he saw the globe of the earth, bathed in glorious sunlight, the deep blues of it's oceans and the greens and the browns of the earth. He said, he was in awe of it's splendour, and had a great feeling of peace and calmness. His field of vision didn't include the whole earth but he could see the curvature of its arc and directly under his feet, lay Ceylon, (Sri Lanka) ahead the subcontinent of India, as if he were a satellite in orbit floating around the earth in silence. He could still not get over the brilliance of the oceans and continents and at times a silvery gleam of light surrounding the entire earth's surface. 

He saw laying before him the broad expanse of the reddish-yellowish deserts of Arabia. Then, he saw the Red Sea, then the Mediterranean, the Himalayas. At this point he felt like he was departing Earth for good, that he had died. He guessed from that height he would have to be over a thousand miles away in space. 

Fortunately, Carl Jung survived his heart attack and wrote down his experience, like he did with many of his other experiences because it was just so unbelievable. The details of his visions impossible at the time to have been known. 

So, you could say, Carl Jung was the first man in space, but he might have been dead at the time.  

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