Artificial Intelligence — Can the Human Brain and a Computer Work Together as One.

Where does human intelligence come from? The brain of course. Where does artificial intelligence come from? It would be run using computers. 

Is it possible there is a half way point, where human intelligence has evolved enough to intermingle with artificial intelligence, to become half human and half computer, having human and artificial intelligence, making us smarter? Is something like that possible?

There's already machines that can be activated by brain impulses, such as artificial arms that can "read" signals sent from the brain and be intercepted at nerve endings, so that, just by thinking about moving the arm, it moves! Scientists are working on other projects for seeing and hearing, artificially.

So, it would stand to reason sometime in the future that man will perfect artificial intelligence to give us more memory, like data stored on a hard drive. Recovery done artificially by thought signals from the brain. There'd be no more need for books, you could speak any language and do any mathematical calculation with ease. There would be no stopping what a person could know and never have to retain.

All sorts of scary questions arise about artificial intelligence intermingling with the human brain, which there are no answers to, such as, what if we loaded an artificial intelligent chip into a human, would there be a constant struggle between the chip and the human over who is going to run the show and have control over the brain and would it even be possible to tell who is really running the show after the chip is activated.  

A Hybrid! Half human, half computer, it's right out of science fiction. Interesting to say the least. 

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Thomas Mitchell Glen said...

The human brain has a quality of make-up that was discovered by the philosopher Descartes. It is that of the spiritual 'third eye'. Although he discovered it he dis not fully understand, but other scientists today found that a metaphysical breakthrough allowed that same 'third eye' to open up a greater understanding of our reality and bring enlightenment to the human brain. This philosophy is of course rejected by many scientists today.