A Letter From Abdalla To His Wife Akilah In Appreciation Of Her Obedience

I cannot verify what I'm about to tell you but this does happen, it's happened many times before and probably happening now and will continue happening in the future.

Entering the hospital room where his wife is, Abdalla hands her a letter he wrote this morning then turns and walks out...

Dear Akilah;

You are an intelligent woman, my love. I need not explain anything to you.  You should not have provoked me. You are on your own accord and can understand what is good and what is bad. But, for your benefit I shall repeat how you are to treat me your husband in the future, just so you understand them, and maybe other things as well.

If our hearts become joined over time then this is a bounty for Allah, which there is no other bounty. Hence, you should take interest of me to heart and endeavour to please me in all matters. If I should command you to stand facing the wall all night, in the dark, without speaking, I expect you to do it. This is the means for your success in this world, and in the life here after, just by obeying my orders. Under no circumstances should you say any such words again to displease me and you my love, have broken your promise to Allah.

When speaking to me, you've taken note of my mood. If I was jovial, then you also were jovial, but yesterday if I am solemn then you needed to be solemn, and you weren't. You should never look upon me as your equal again, as it will be a grave mistake. 

Besides the love I show you, I will also show you respect and honour. If I should decide to rub your arm please stop me. Would you let your father do the same? After all, my status is above your father.

You haven't asked for more. You don't even mention it, nor show any sorrow. You take what I supply for you and are thankful for getting what I can afford. I cannot argue with that.

There are wives who make demands and requests on their husbands, they become degraded in the eyes of those from whom they make requests, and I don't want that to happen between us. That is the reason why it's of utmost importance that you obey my every desire.

Thank you again for welcoming me home after a hard days work. Concerned about my day, everyday, inquiring if I'm tired or hungry and if I am, then preparing my meals and my bed. You may continue, it will please me.

I'm thankful you never ask me about money or what I've brought home for you. You know in your heart, when I give you something, which may not be very often, I really want you to have it.  It doesn't matter if you want, need or even like it. The fact I brought it for you is important enough. It shows my love for you.

My other friends, their wives are so stubborn, hotheaded and abusive. I don't blame their husbands for beating them, but you my love, you should never have bad-mouthed against me. Especially, in front of them. You are safe with me as long as you utter nothing. While I am aggravated, such action will cause more hurt in my heart.

Because I've been unfaithful, I'm grateful that you never accused me of it, and brought disgrace to the family even though you knew all along that I've been visiting the local brothel on a regular basis. I might have had to kill you my love, and I wouldn't want to do that but I would if I had to! 

I've talked to my male friends and they may not forgive you, for making me do it, cheat on you. I'll try not to listen to them about beating you, again. They don't understand my hesitation. You are a good wife, basically.

Thank you dear wife for keeping my property in good condition and in order as well as cleaning my bedding, keeping all the wrinkles and creases out of it.

As I told you last night, before we had this little spat, thank you again for sewing me new pillow cases for my bed when I needed them. You are more than welcome to join me tonight after they release you from the hospital. I will be expecting you.

With all my love in Allah. Allah Akbar!


As you might have imagined looking at the picture above, Akilah never went home that night. Nor ever again. She discovered herself while laying there on the bed.

She was killed two weeks later, in what was called an "Honour Killing."

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