Witches! Don't Be Intimidated By Covens. You Can Always Play By Yourself.

Traditionally, as in any other secret society; Freemasonry and such, with witchcraft there is no individual that works alone, membership in a coven is mandatory. There is a system of degrees for advancement. A witch has to advance through these degrees dictated by the coven before she/he can even be able to cast a Circle. Before a witch can initiate others she has to have obtained the highest degree herself.

Once becoming a First Degree Witch, (initiation stage) you then can join the rest of the coven to worship and make magick, there is nothing you can do on your own. 

But, what if you are a lone witch, and don't follow tradition, which many witches were in the olden days and most are today. 

A major point here is being overlooked in witchcraft; the tier system is all very well but in the old days, distance was a factor. People lived far from towns, even miles from their closest neighbours, rarely seeing a stranger for years. But, there were still witches, living alone, believing in the same gods, doing the same magick, casting the same spells. Seax-Wica, for example doesn't rely on covens and a witch can work independently.

What happens, when you know no one with the same interests as you? What if you are an introvert and hate being around people? These should not be reasons why you cannot be a witch. And they aren't.

Here are the differences between a coven Witch and a solitary practitioner;

1.   In covens, people play parts. Each has his role to play in the ritual. Alone you have to do everything yourself, including writing your own rituals if you want.

2.   A coven meets in a circle (9 ft.) where a solitary stands alone in a circle big enough for her and her altar.

3.   The coven has all the bells and whistles and uses the best tools. The solitary uses what is needed, or whatever is at hand. You could use only your athame and censer, if you so desire, the bare minimum tools of your trade, your knife and incense burner.

4.   Coven meetings are held at the convenience of the majority, usually during Sabbats and Esbats. The lone witch anytime she pleases.

5.   The coven draws power from all its members where lone witches rely on their own power to draw upon.

6.   The coven uses its wide variety of knowledge and talents of its members, where a lone witch relies on what she knows and can do herself.

7.   A coven has set rules where a loner can change directions on a dime, depending on her moods.

8.   Covens are grand spectacles, a big productions, choreographed. Alone, you can do and say as much, or as little as you wish.

9.   Covens are comprised of two or more that work as one. A solitary is one.

So, if you are a witch, don't be intimidated by a crowd or covens. You can always play by yourself and cast your own circles.

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chloe winkworth said...
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chloe winkworth said...

just watch the set of videos....that are above...its labelled what is a coven....I don't disagree with any of it. but I am solitary, and how I am is corresponding to that which is expressed above in the videos....my circle is the horizon....all is one.....I am part of the fabric, and I servr the all that is one, the moon is my sista, the sun is my brother, gaia is my mother, and all is one, all...watch the videos.i will not respond to any derisions, and any malice directed at me in any way shall be returned ten times back. I am a symbiote, my true self is on emme ya, the star is Sirius b....I have been here before..all is one.i make no divisions, my purpose is what it will be.