What Happened Moments Before The Crucifixion?

Early on a Friday morning, Jesus was placed in the hands of the Romans, who were to crucify him.

Judas Iscariot appeared before the chief priest and his Sanhedrin associates back at the temple, to claim his reward for his part in getting his Master's arrest and sentence to death. All the Jews hated Judas, looking upon the traitor with feelings of utter contempt, pricking his conscience about his treachery and betrayal.

He started to have regrets. He expected to be eulogized and liberally rewarded for his cowardly conduct, but was surprised by the coolness and the aloofness of the Jewish authorities. A servant of the hight priest tapped Judas on the shoulders and escorted him outside and said,

"Judas, I have been appointed to pay you for the betrayal of Jesus. Here is your reward."

He handed Judas a cloth sac containing thirty pieces of silver, the price of one slave. 

The egotistic traitor was floored. He tried to get back into the temple, to appeal to the Sanhedrin but they wouldn't open the door. He couldn't believe it! These rulers of the Jews allowed him to betray his Master and then have the nerve to offer him just thirty pieces of silver.

Putting the coin in his pocket, he walked away from the temple in a trance, humiliated, into the crowd that was gathering to witness the crucifixions. As he turned, he saw far in the distance, the Roman soldiers raising Jesus nailed to the cross. He yelled in vain back at the Sanhedrin in the temple,

"I have sinned in that I have betrayed innocent blood. You have paid me in money, I'm insulted, I repent that I have done this!"

He then reached into his pocket pulled out the silver coins and threw them at them. This is when he felt the impact of what he had done. Disillusioned he wandered the streets of Jerusalem, finally ending up in the Valley of Hinnom alone. He climbed a steep cliff and with his belt he fastened one end to a small tree near the edge, the other end he tied around his neck, then he jumped, hoping to hang himself. 

But that was not going to be the case, the belt unbuckled as he fell, letting his body plunge onto the rocks below breaking Judas into a thousand pieces as it descended. 

A just reward for a job well done.

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